Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Fast and Furious 7 DOUBLE ISSUE!

Foolsfitness Fast and Furious 7 Special Edition MEGA DOUBLE POST!!! PIZZA, BICYCLING, AND MORE! Lets start with Pizza. No, really! Then we will get to the bicycle. Friends and I got together and played some Dungeons and Dragons (Yes I am a nerd in real life too!) and a fine patron decided to support the game by offering a 23 dollar Pizza budget for a little party!!! I'm not sure if I believe in trigger foods but I am ready to say easily that Pizza (notice the cap on P) is one of my favorites, perhaps only topped by Chinese Food buffets and Shepards Pie. So "how does a sane person eat pizza?" I asked myself. I tried to eat a reasonable breakfast and lunch and plan the Pizza as dinner. Moreover keep myself to three slices over the night at the game. I am trying to come up with a reasonable food plan in general.
Above was breakfast. I found out the local hospital make three egg omletes to order for 3 bucks!!! You are looking at a super veggie omlete with swiss and spinach even topped off with salsa and tobasco! Gosh, what would you say that things calories work out to?

SO the FOOLSFITNESS CURRENT FOOD PLAN: Right now I'm playing with meals at 8am noon four and eight at night... as the world sets the plan off often a rule that any meal can go an hour in either direction... If I really feel "hungry" to look at V-8 like a free food and also have a halo or two if I feel starving...and lastly limit beer to one. Also to attempt to do something active physically each day unless I'm super sore. Of course "the plan" doesn't always get followed. Trying to keep me in line is like trying to herd cats. Last night for example "a meal" which started out as a good idea... well, I got three BIG links of chinese sausage at the market. I figured I might as well cook them all and somehow managed to mindlessly munch away... Then I thought.... If I did the math right about 1450 calories and near 2/3 were fat... um- right. Runs with scissors?-CHECK! It's a work in progress. Next food goal is watching the quanity?!
It's been spring here the last few days and the local Bicycle shop repaired my trusty boba Fett... My Raleigh Venture 7 speed. So over the last few days I've been on the bicycle three times. Short rides until I build up my legs again. Look at the zoom in of the seat below. I bought this bicycle new years ago. I know I have ridden it over 2,000 miles and that my friends is a trophy!!!
On to the next goal... I'm going to attempt to ride the bicycle to the movies to see Furious 7. I think it's a fairly large goal, I've ridden there in the past but it is a town away and I haven't built up my riding legs yet from winter off

And remember the only thing Fast and Furious that is done at Foolsfitness is eating at the Chinese Food Buffet!- Alan

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