Thursday, July 1, 2010

Twilight: Eclipse, Are We Food Vampires?

I am of 2 minds when it came to this series. One me could barely get through the first two books and movies (I can only hear about how this girl Bella swoons over this guy so many times before my eyes glaze over) Yet I’m fascinated by the pull of the story for so many and enjoyed Eclipse (the movie and book) far more than the first 2. Naturally I can’t help but poke fun in that idea of domesticating vampires and naturally mock “sparkly!” as the guy twitters in the sunlight.

Back to a fascinating idea though, The series is written from the point of view of the girl Bella. The author just published a book in the story from another vampire character’s point of view. “Bree Tanner” gets a few minutes in the film and a few pages in the book Eclipse, But in this short book “The short life of bree tanner” you get the story told from her point of view through her eyes.

What does this have to do with weight loss and getting fit you may be asking yourself? I think about how throughout all of this Bella and Bree (and everyone else) is making choices. Some of them are tough choices. Most of them have consequences.

What’s the draw about Vampires that fascinates us? As I read that “short life of bree tanner” I can’t help but think of how these “newborn” vampires are almost slaves to their drive and whom for more blood almost in a frenzy. It has such a power over them. Even the “cool” Cullen clan has to fight those urges to stay in control, to make the right choices.

I’m hesitant to talk about things in terms of “food addiction” yet if there is some truth to it, no question to the facts that hunger drives us and eating literally alters our chemical balance, We seem to be put in a very dangerous position too. Consider we must “feed” or we will starve. We couldn’t be an alcoholic that chooses to never drink again. We need to learn such control. If we give in to all the eating frenzy we could kill… ourselves.

Are we Food Vampires? Do I somehow loose a bit of my humanity attacking the half gallon ice cream or bag of donuts? Boy, for me it takes a lot of the shine of coolness of vampires off and now it’s like reading those two books and seeing it though another character’s eyes… this time it’s almost an affliction, even food could easily be a poison in excess unchecked uncontrolled as well as a necessary needed cure for hunger...

At Foolsfitness it’s time to feed. Yet I need to learn a new way… sort of the Cullen way to food. To sedate that hunger without loosing myself in the process -Alan


  1. Alan, you are so profound. Really. You are. That frenzy to feed--you caught it exactly in this analogy. And, yes, that feeding can kill us! Another great read--thanks. Deb

  2. This is a really interesting point of view...I think I like the Cullen way...and I'm an Edward girl so that makes sense. ;)

  3. I truly believe in food addiction. I used food as a way to numb my feelings the same way an alcoholic used alcohol to numb his.
    Good post.
    When we eat our emotions we lose some of our humanity. ABSOLUTELY.

  4. Can't say I've ever looked at vampirism quite that way before but I can see the analogy clearly. I don't suppose I'll look at them the same again. :) Vamp as victim...

  5. I think its the perfect analogy...we need to "feed" but cannot allow ourselves to lose control! Right on Alan. I saw the movie yesterday, and even though *I used to be an adolescent girl* even MY eyes glaze over pretty quickly!!!


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