Friday, July 23, 2010

Worship at the Sixteen Hundred Calorie Chapel

I drew this very early this morning after watching a DVD movie that someone very dear to my heart bought me as a gift. Sometimes it seems like lately I've been worshiping the god of the fast food chapels.

Below is a pic of the flat on my Raliegh Venture bicycle "Boba"... what can I say, some times it's just hard to get out of bed... and then away from the kitchen, or the fast food joints, or the ice cream...

One more cola, a bit more ice cream, and a couple of cupcakes and I'll be ok...

At Foolsfitness we feel like the girl in the Wizard of OZ... once the tornado stops we will be ok. (Oh wait... then there is all those munchkins of the lollipop guild, yum!) **Put the candy down slowly sir and step away**- Alan


  1. Alan, you can satisfy your ice cream needs and your sweet tooth in a healthy way.

    You need to put peeled bananas in the freezer. Give them about 6 hours, although overnight is better.

    You need a food processor. (you can get them for about $25 at Walmart.)

    Take the bananas out of the freezer and let them sit on the counter for a couple of minutes until you can cut them into one inch chunks.

    Put the chunks in the food precessor, turn it on and hold onto it. Run the thing for a couple of minutes, stop it, add about 2 tablespoons of milk and scrape the sides.

    Run again for a couple minutes. If it looks hard and stuck together rather than like soft serve ice cream add another tablespoon or two of milk.

    Whirl again. It will look just like Dairy Queen. For 50 calories more, you can add a tablespoon of Hershey's syrup to the top.

    You can also add--during the processing--frozen cherries or mango or blueberries. About a half cup per banana. If you add FRESH fruit, you might not need the milk.

    I can't help you with the burger. Sorry.


  2. That sounds good, but you can also do the 150 calorie ice cream cone at McDonalds. Just don't eat anything else there!

  3. oh dude, even BETTER..
    try the skinny cow ic cream bars, you will find them in the freezer section of your grocery store...They are AWESOME AND LOW CAL.
    As for burgers...go 96 percent lean beef and a small bun.
    Who really digs the bun anyways.
    Then 2 percent cheese slice and turkey bacon and pickles, onion and ketchup and mustard...aawesome.

  4. That gal on tv, Devin Alexander, something, no, wait, HEALTHY DECADENCE, that's it...her cooking show. Well, she has a cookbook that shows how to make fast food stuff healthier for you. It's called FAST FOOD FIX...and for folks who enjoy pizza and other "junk" yumsies, it's worth checking out.
    And Coke Zero, to me, tastes like the REAL THING. I don't even miss Coke Classic anymore.

    The suggestion to do it with better ingredients rocks. Lean beef. half a bun or a very lite bun. lettuce, tomato, ketchup (or sugar free low carb ketchup), mustard, pickles, and lowfat cheese saves you damage and still tastes really yum. Especially with EXTRA ONIONS. yay! I don't know why McD's and BK don't have "healthy burgers", cause it's so easy to make those substitutons and even charge people who choose them a bit more for leaner beef and lowfat cheese and high fiber lite buns. So what. I'd pay.

    I really dig that art piece, btw. So, you gonna auction it off on ebay? Or keep it in the kichen? :D If you auction it off or plan to sell it, shoot me a comment at my blog. I may be interested. :D


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