Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sick + Twisted Madness

There it is… I can’t say what came over me. I don’t think you can claim I’m a user, but I am “experimenting” with the salad thing. This is the 1st salad I think I may have eaten in I don’t know how long!

I approached the salad bar cautiously as the produce stocking kids watched in amazement for in the end there isn’t even any salad dressing on this stuff. I had no real idea how to proceed making an actual salad… you see in my very few experiences long ago the general plan was just to load it with as much gooeyness and drench it with as much salad dressing as possible.

Another amazing picture…

I’ll grant you there is some crunchiness and lots of color in this stuff. My basic plan was to take just a tiny little of everything… I suddenly realized how sick and twisted this idea was… It was my plan at the Chinese Food Buffet place yet scaled down to near sanity in reasonable portion sizes. Freaky times my friends… freaky times… After the whole bizarre trip I got so scared so I got a candy bar later to clear that taste out of my mouth. (OK it’s not that bad) but I ate little green tree things and leaves I mean come on!

You should have seen the odd looks I got as I took the container out in the parkking lot of the supermarket and took a picture of it on the hood of my car.

I saw 299.5 on the scales at work today… maybe a touch dehydrated but that’s with shoes and all, and I’m counting it. Of course even in a day my weight can shift up to 4 pounds… but still having the number 200 something even if it’s 299 seems like something monumentally less than even just 301.

At Foolsfitness we are not sold on the salad thing yet… but might experiment again- Alan


  1. I love the email you sent...and I think we need to discuss those ideas further!

    We will soon! Oh and that salad...Uh yeah, I'll pass. But good for you my friend!


    My best always,

    p.s.--I'm moving and grooving---extrememly busy weekend starting now...but we'll be in touch soon!!

  2. Did you eat the whole salad?
    It looks tasty!

  3. LOL freaky times indeed....proud of ya!

  4. Hey alan, keep it up! You are doing great! salad is better with a bit of dressing on it IMO.
    But kudos for going raw.
    I'm impressed.


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