Monday, July 19, 2010

Breaking News

We interrupt this normal blog posting to share with you this breaking news. I’ve finally beaten back the weight enough to see the scale read under 300! That’s 299 and something. For soooo long all I got was EEEEE or OL for overload on that home scale… now it actually identifies me as a person!!! Once I got my home scale to function I went weigh crazy, weighing with and without shoes, trying on different clothes, after I went to the bathroom, or took a drink. That number was with wearing my cross. (yes fill in the blank there)

Then within a week naturally I switched to my Dr. Evil super villian self complete with the evil laugh and world domination plans thinking I’m invincible… little extras without regard, and the next "breaking" news… about 7 pounds gained in about seven days (currently 307)!!! I think that breaks a record for me for most gained in that period of time.

Those clothes I mentioned buying in the last post I went crazy with them too. First wearing them to work. Then going out. Then around the house... basically until they smelled just plain bad. I just couldn't wrap my mind around wearing them somehow and kept on trying them back on. (then I was so giddy with it I completely forgot to take a picture of me wearing them to boot)

The last bit of current "breaking" news… my bicycle "Boba", her back tire, punctured not once but in two places by glass today. So I’m stranded about 5 miles out from home looking at a very long walk… and the friendly state trooper policeman (who also enjoys riding bicycles) sees me in my plight and offers me a lift home so I can get my car to come back and rescue my poor Raleigh bicycle. I've named that bicycle well... My "Boba Fett" bicycle seems to be just the essence of chaos.

As I’ve mentioned before I have the bicycle repair shop on speed dial. I got it repaired with a new tube, but I asked them to walk me through repairing it… next time I’m not going to be stranded but can fix it on the go as needed. (well after next paycheck when I can get a another spare tube and a portable air pump)

I guess the current breaking news is that I'm sort of on overload. Some of it very good too. But I guess somehow it seems like a lot at once. Have any of you folks who have lost weight, did you go somehow temperarily insane by it?

We now return you to your normal foolsfitness blog posts.- Alan


  1. It's cool that the cops came to your rescue. Nice.

    What's up with your green bike?

  2. Hey, Alan! Congrats on seeing 299 show up. It will be baaacckkk! It will. :D

    Gone crazy w/ a weight loss? Yep. Just recently, too. I posted about it, as a matter of fact.

    Here's the link. the post is called, "Whew, I'm back on the Highway to Thin." if you'd rather just look in my archive.

    I wrote the post oddly. I had first mentioned my craziness in a comment on my own blog. (Why is a long story) Then in this post, I wrote about getting back on track, BUT I copied the original confession to the bottom of this post.

    So, if you go to the above post and scroll to the bottom after my sign off, you'll find the story.

    Man. I think it would have just been shorter to recount my episode. sigh.

    Anyway, you WILL see below 300 again. I promise.


  3. Yep! I used to do that, too.

    I'd do great, then think "B.S."... no, not THAT B.S.
    I'd think I had earned a Breather... and end up with Breather Syndrome.

    Hmmm... sounded funnier in my head!! Anyway, I would give myself permission to take a break, not realizing that it was a symptom of mental changes that still needed to take place.

    You'll get there. You have come a long way, and learned so much... you WILL get there, because you don't quit. You just keep going.



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