Sunday, July 25, 2010

Shopping Adventure Part II

Here are the Emperor’s new clothes… comfortable enough to wear a day, 1st time in a very long time wearing an XL shirt without a number in front of it. Those shorts 8 inches less than a year an a half ago from a 54 to a 48! Next it’s time to loose that egg shape and get them to look right on me… I can’t get too comfortable into that dangerous “Breather Syndrome” that someone told me about where I forget where I want to go and loose focus on the choices I am making… So it’s time to get work on getting rid of that glazed donut look around the middle!

Speaking of glazed donuts, this picture was taken in front of a wall next to a local Duncan Donuts. Before that I had walked in the place and stood just out of line for a good minute or two… seeing those racks filled with all that baked and puffy goodness. The Butternut Crunch tried to call to me, we had been very close friends in the past but I pretended not to hear. Everything Bagel tried to tempt me with some cream cheese too.

I finally got in line and I asked the woman behind the counter if they had a nutritional sheet I could have… It was a riot, the woman looked at me so confused… I think she may have been mentally trying to figure out what other donut shops they could call on to restock their shelves after I had ordered.

After a moment she stumbled out the words, “You could get them on the internet.” Then I think I gave her a complete mental shut down as I just tilted my head and said, “Thank you” turned around and just left. Not a single donut in hand. A couple of years ago it would have been at least two and a large ice coffee with double sugars and maybe even cream in the coffee. That was so fun!

(In other news…) Sean Anderson is encouraging people to drink more water… Foolsfitness is giving a thumbs up to the whole water idea in general. Fools Fitness even got the picture to prove it!!! We try to drink some daily… We even shower with the stuff ! A great story that came with this shot is immediately after a friend took the picture it started to sprinkle, then it started raining harder and harder. My impulse was to get back to the car, not that I cared much about being wet but I wanted my camera dry.

In the car I asked “Where’s the water jug?“ In my haste picking up my shoes I had forgotten the 5 gallon jug on the beach. It was down pour raining, but I shrugged to my fate and ran to get it. Look closely at that last sentence… see the word *RAN*? I had this weird epiphany half way through ,”Wait? I’m running…a distance?!” I got back to the car and gleefully giggle, “Did you see it… I *RAN*!” to the friend almost like a little kid says “Look momma! Look what I can do!” Let’s just say maybe it’s not a big deal for some folk…(and apparently not that person from that look of “so what?“ I got back) But if you can not remember the last time that you really sprinted, at least not vividly that feeling of flying, almost like there just be that slightest chance that you take one more step and just might float into the air… it’s like a little kid who finally takes those training wheels off their bicycle. I can run! Well, at least for a little bit…

It’s surreal… I guess I had this mental block telling myself “I don’t run” (which was very likely true for a very long time) but somehow I finally forgot to remind myself. I didn’t plan it and didn’t think about it and then it was almost like looking in as third person… hey, you know your running here, right? Maybe that’s why Foolsfitness sometimes refers to himself in third person…That surreal thing, then there is the world domination evil mastermind thing, and hopefully it also may impress the ladies too. (By the way ladies, yes that guy in the pictures above is single… commence swooning.)

At Fools Fitness we refer to ourselves at times in third person because… well…we’ve just got too much arrogance to fit into first person sometimes! -Alan


  1. wonderful alan. I still remember the first time I ran as I was losing weight. It was right after I got my new digital camera..I took it out to photography my walk and I forgot to charge my battery. In the process, It started raining. Well, I didn't want to get my camera wet, so I started jogging to get home, as I did I realized I was jogging. I cried.
    I know exactly what you mean.
    No better feeling bud.

  2. :D Congratulations on the smaller sizes! BIG WAHOOO!! on the running!!! :D running. How cool is that?! Deb

  3. I love the pic if you drinking water in the lake! That's fantastic!

    I have a Raleigh bike, too! It's great! I have the Route 3.0. Nice and light, easy to ride and steer. The gears shift nice and quiet...much quieter than my mom's Trex.

  4. Awesome progress!!!! Congrats on the new clothes, you're doing great.
    If you notice, next time you venture into the evil Dunkin Donuts, or the "Dunkin Death" as an old friend used to call it--they have these symbols that are like DDSMART with a little guy running which indicate healthier choices. They have egg white english muffins now, and those egg white flatbread sandwiches are pretty good. Some of them here in NY have angelfood cake muffins which only have about 100 calories. As long as you order one and sprint away quickly you'd be fine! LOL...honestly now Im attempting low carb so I cant have ANY of this stuff--except of course coffee!! They do have lots of sugar-free coffee options and skim milk there. Takes a while to get used to it, but, you can still do Dunkin Death if you're cautious!
    Again, congrats, so great to see your progress lately Alan!!!

  5. I have to say, regardless of how funny and entertaining you wrote it, this post still almost had me in tears. The good kind of tears... so touched at your running milestone, and the feelings you had with it. I'm happy for you.


  6. Loved the picture! And i used your email too, hope you don't mind!

  7. Alan, congratulations on wearing a smaller size. That's great and you're doing great. I too remember the first time I ran. It was only 1 minute but I was incredibly pleased. You're doing great.

    BTW--I really liked your picture with the water jug and referring to yourself in the 3rd person. I forget how funny you are.

    I'm very pleased for you.


  8. Alan,

    did I mention you're doing great? I just can't say it enough.



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