Thursday, August 5, 2010


It’s been one of those weeks where you end up on the couch in a fetal position wishing you never got up. Well, in honesty it could be worse but I don’t do the stress thing very well at all.

First the landlord is working on the roof. I live on the top floor and while I appreciate having a new roof trying to stay there during work… it’s like being in a drum. So I figure I’ll head to the beach and go for a swim. I get to the beach and there is a high bacteria warning… so I can’t swim and can’t relax in my house…

The next day I leave my house trying to do the beach thing again leaving before the banging starts and still there is the high bacteria thing going on and still can't swim. A friend gave me a ticket to go on a ship that goes around the lake. I finally get a bit of peace and quiet. However I seemed to time it all wrong as somehow I got back to my house just as the roofers came for the late afternoon work they decided to do.

So Monday rolls around and I’m pretty much drained not getting the rest I should, but I cheer myself up as I’ve been eyeing a new netbook… 5 hours later as I’m driving from work I’m pretty sure the head gasket in my car is shot (A pretty major repair) … so somehow in a mater of hours I went from going to look at and nearly ready to get a netbook I’d been eyeing for months to trying out how to balance the bills for the month and pay the car guy and rent at the same time, in the hole big time.

So thus ends the tale until next time… I’m waiting to see what the mechanic says after he’s able to look at the car.

So the picture is me over the weekend before the anvils started falling down around me. (I looked so happy) Somehow this morning work scale says 299. Not bad with a bit of stress eating. Maybe this is some weird chance to learn about functioning under pressure, testing my metal, resolve, and general invincibility...

But At Foolsfitness we have to admit we are tired.- Alan


  1. Sorry to hear about the stress overload alan!!! Hopefully the mechanic has good news and the roof is done soon. Hang in there!!!

  2. Sorry to hear about the stress! But I'm ARE you handling the stress? Are you eating ok? Exercising? How is the lifestyle disruption affecting you?

  3. I absolutely despise tings that intrude upon my space...and my peace. Ack!

    But, you're looking food, Alan, looking very good. :D


  4. so sorry about the stress as well and yet proud of you that you can admit fatigue.

    Im there as well.

  5. Stress is definitely a testing time. I have been having car trouble for 4 months (the same issue over and over again, and I have put over $2000 into the thing). Saturday all heck broke loose. My husband and I both gave up trying to eat healthy for the weekend. Sometimes it's okay to let go, but to have a plan to get back on track. At least I had to give myself that permission. I had to choose sanity over anything else that day.

  6. Keep writing. It's the best stress buster.

    Enjoy your weekend and trust the coming week will go 100% less stressful.


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