Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Death to Cupid

Valentines Day is obviously a huge conspiracy but by whom? If you follow the money you’ve got the greeting card people, candy people, flower people, and others benefiting from the scam. No matter what you do you are ruined by it. At first I thought it was solely designed to torment people who don’t have a significant other to wallow in their own self pity but upon reflection I realize it also torments those attached as well. If you buy the girl candy she’ll accuse you of trying to ruin her diet and sabotage her efforts. However if you don’t get her candy it’s worse… because *then* she’ll obviously claim that you didn’t get her candy because you think she is fat and needs to lose weight. I’m pretty sure the dentists are in on the candy conspiracy because all that gooey goodness is job security for them as well as the clothing people and gyms… perhaps the diet folk too. Then the florists and greeting card people offer alternatives that just pad their own pockets.

Think about the twisted nature of the “big day”. You are under pressure to do something special to show your love… of which you should ideally be showing you care every day. Maybe if you were a rebel you could do a special day other than Valentines to show you really care but if you do it afterward you’d never hear the end of how you forgot V-day. So then to prove you care your *forced* to do it before… still doing it not by complete choice on your own free will but out of some twisted sense of duty of what’s right doing what you must. Love is a gift in pure form not a duty forced upon by the looming Feb 14th.

Maybe at this point your thinking I’m just bitter wallowing in my aloneness as the date approaches unable to share the moment with my soul mate and will just cuddle up to a pint or two of ice cream. Well, maybe there is that... But this is about twisted non-sense of V-day and other non-sense that gets in the way of our ideals!!! Important stuff… Ok, maybe a bit more of the other part too.

While I could complain about the day, which I have a bit, I can also look at it as a mirror moment, it’s also a time to take a temperature and see where I am on the road. Each day it's good to take a moment and look at the map. It’s work to figure out where you are in honest self reflection. Yet it doesn’t stop at that step. You got to look at where you want to go and *then* figure out ways to move toward (turn around or keep on moving to) the destination… then even further you got the step three to actually start *DO* (or keep) stepping (or trying to) in the right direction. That soul searching doesn’t amount to a lot if after all that work you don’t end up *doing* anything with the information you got… therefore we must hunt down Cupid and make that little winged arrow shooting minion of pain pay!!!

Wait… was that the message? I digressed again didn’t I? I meant to take a moment every so often to figure out where you really honestly are, to remind yourself where you want to go, and try to get moving (turn around or keep moving) in the right direction with ACTION. And speaking of action… if you see Cupid give that little runt a good slap upside the head for me.

And remember that Fools Fitness Gyms are closed for the Valentines Day holiday, sorry. The owner has a therapy session with some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream to get to. - Alan


  1. I was looking at Google images today, and saw a hilarious one where Cupid was laying dead, face down on the ground, shot in the back by an arrow.

    Now I know who to blame!
    Mwa ha ha ha ha

  2. lol alan,
    I thinkit gives guys permission to be mushy and gooey one day a year...
    here at a deliberate life,
    We'll leave the candy but take a dozen roses please...thank you.

  3. LOL@ Chris's post above me. Also, I'd never get a date if it weren't for Valentine's Day. It's the only time of year I can talk my mom into babysitting for us. LOL Sad...but true. I hope you find a really hot therapist that will go out on a date with you and share the cookie dough ice cream with you, so maybe it won't be such a blow to your diet. LOL :)

  4. Its totally an American Hallmark holiday--you got it, its to bilk us of our cash through the ultimate motivation: guilt! hehehe

  5. There was this local commercial on the radio about guys over giving on Valentines. The last bit went something like, "Don't be like Bob in intensive care after giving his wife a diet book." LOL I laughed so hard. As I told my husband, fine jewelry always makes a fine gift. :)

  6. Hi Alan. Awwww! Poor lovey. I'm sure that at some point you will have a person to lavish your love and attention on. Sooner or later? It's just having the luck to make that special connection with someone. The waiting for that someone to come along can be pretty boring though! Have faith. You're a lovely guy!

    Bearfriend xx


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