Monday, February 15, 2010


Why am I posting two times in less than 24 hours? I have never done that. Well you’ve seen me guest post a few times, but now I have taken over. It’s complex… let me explain.

It’s about 1:45 AM. I can’t sleep. I caught myself staring in the mirror for a very long time and frightened myself, then took a few pictures until I could get “it”. He is here. He wants out and will no longer accept the word no or can‘t. He is sick of the sell out excuses of giving into the quick and easy now payouts and will flatten that deer in the headlights guy who is in the before shot of way back in April of 2009 (see the side bar down a bit). This is fools fitness, he’s ripped, he’s angry, hungry, and it’s totally beyond boot camp sergeant playtime. Life is passing away and it’s no longer looking on from the safety of the sidewalk time. Restraint is over. The life business of “me” is now.

Note to self. You may not win but until now you’ve been loosing big. Now it’s time to replace the loss of life each day for a new loss… in weight. Time for a gain. If not now when? It’s a one shot life. Don’t miss the adventure any more! Time to throttle life for all it’s worth. The old one must go. It’s shallow and worthless to hide in fear.

Attention “Deer in the headlights” self… please note you are not nearly frightened enough. Be afraid of me because I will run you down and crush you because you’ve held me hostage long enough. It’s time for my rules. Oh, anger doesn’t even begin to describe the start of it. You’ve messed with me long enough. No more playing it safe. One of us isn’t going to make it. Remember last year… I beat over 30 pounds off you. Now you need to leave. I ain’t asking you… I’m telling you. I ain’t threatening you, your going out the hard way. The “big” Al is being thrown out. Foolsfitness Alan is coming in and he’s Big… as in Bigger than life. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Read this and fear me. Read this and dread. I will crush you with biceps the strength you can‘t even fathom, trample you under the powerhouse of my will the likes you have never even dreamed of. Flee in terror, you are no longer welcomed here. Your failures will no longer be tolerated. We’ve tried peace talks after peace talks. We tried management and banishment, yet you keep returning repeatedly sucking the soul out of life. It’s done as of this moment. Deer in the headlights self… you must now die. It might even sound a bit sadistic but I’m going to enjoy it too. Remember it’s payback for all the life you have stolen away from me. Don’t try hiding behind food or excuses. No settling or Plan B’s because I see you clearly in my sniper scope. I’m hunting you down. Be afraid old self. Alan is taking over Alan because Alan can’t cut it. Alan’s going down hard and isn’t getting up because Alan is truly hungry for life and is taking over.

Hello everyone… I’m Alan of Foolsfitness. I’ve had to overthrow the old king. It was regrettable but we could no longer co-exist. It is the dawn of a new era. The old king is dead… now, long life to the new king. Mark the time… 2:30 am feb 16th 2010 in history. It’s the official day and time that Alan over threw Alan.

Foolsfitness is now under new management. We are no longer of two minds.- Alan of FoolsFitness


  1. And whenever the "old Alan" tries to rise up like a zombie in Night of the Living Dead, just re-read this powerful post and watch him disappear!

    Long live the new King Alan,

  2. Loretta literally took the words out of my 'mouth'! Re-read this post each time you feel like jumping off the wagon...

    Good luck - it's not easy, but we're all here to support each other. :o)

  3. Yep
    Im in for the PRINT THIS OUT and keep a copy in the nightstand.
    and one in the car..
    and one in the kitchen..

  4. WHOA!!!!!!!!! Go dude go...awesome attitude, you're pumping ME up over here! GO FOR IT!!!

  5. You are made of awesome! I can't wait to hear how the new King Alan is faring on his quest.

  6. Hi Alan. Wow! What a post! Motivation pumping. I can hear you roar!

    All hail the New King!

    Bearfriend xx

  7. Someone is tapping into a keg of mojo. You go Alan!

  8. Do it Alan! Do it Alan! Go you!!!

  9. YEAH BUDDY!!!! Welcome to the party!
    Here at a deliberate life, we are mowing down fat cells and obliterating day, one hour, one minute...
    one pound at a time.

  10. Si se puede (yes you can). Great attitude. It's contageous man!


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