Monday, February 15, 2010

$3 for a Fortune 500 Company Business!!!

Imagine if I offered you a chance at your very own Company for three measly dollars! Moreover, I’m going to give you the company right now… if you like it you can send me the three dollars. But you should send the three if you do, and here is why... It’s a physical symbol of action of your commitment to your very own business, a symbol of the value you invest, that you actually are investing, and are serious enough to invest. As a incentive to this fine offer if you send $3.00 I’ll even mail you back your very own personalized full color certificate of ownership suitable for framing!!! (better up that to $5.00 if it’s out of the U.S.A. to cover my mail costs?)


What if *YOU* were that company. Is investing in yourself worth the three to five dollars? Act now folks because the clock is ticking.


What have you got to loose? A few bucks? What can you gain? Better odds at a purpose driven more fulfilling happy life. I don’t guarantee success, anyone who does may be lying to you. What I *DO* GUARANTEE is increasing the odds in your favor.

1) the first step is *Change your perspective* by looking into the mirror and saying these words, “ My business is me. I am now my very own business.” You have already been your company… *YOU* dash inc.. “incorporated” copywrite trademark. But have you applied yourself to purpose? Are you really investing in yourself, stacking the odds in purposeful direction?

Take a business model and apply it to your life. I want you to find a notebook and start making sections in it or just use a multi-subject notebook.

TAKE THE FIRST PAGE: write and rewrite your company statement. Your company is you. What is your “mission statement“? Your ultimate goals? If you as yourself was a fortune 500 successful company

CAPITAL INVESTMENT: every business needs machinery to make their widgets, or a attractive storefront, suppliers, and a market. Look at your mission statement. If it is becoming “more healthy” that is investing in quality materials to manufacture that product. If your life solely is twinkees and chips, well would great cars be made of mud? If your machinery to build “you” consists of you on the couch in an aerobic workout with a remote… could you build a great car with a shovel and pail you make sandcastles with? Maybe that means decent food materials for production and getting to the gym… even inventers strapped for cash may not afford the assembly line of a gym membership but they likely cobbled together at least a decent workshop. Can you afford to make a walk a daily routine?

YOUR STAFF HELP: imagine a business where employees showed up to work twice a week, cut out early or came in late, and didn’t focus on their work… then met with you about a raise and benefit package. FIRE THEM!!! If your goal is good health that gal or guy who spends all day on the break room couch with a cup of Joe has got to go! The employee is also the boss. You’re a sole proprietorship. If you want the benefits of “more healthy” (or other benefits like lower debt, more quality time with your family, or nearly any other mission statement) it’s hard to be the employee that always calls in sick to help that company to be a success. Maybe you need to hire some temp workers like the doctor, personal trainer, DVD Richard Simmons workout to be your staff motivator.

LIABILITES AND DEBTS: Maybe the company needs a bit of cutting the fat. Who’s the one running up the company expense account with power lunch meetings at the Chinese food buffet everyday? (He better start producing more sales or he has to go!) Is your company loosing profits? Where?

MARKET SHARE: Where are the returns coming from? What are you successful at? What is “selling”? When I worked under my Art Master I had a running joke with other apprentices that we pledged to never get date planners and paint sail boats and light houses or we’d be “sell outs”. High capital A in Art is still a goal, but after looking back honestly if “cute” art sells and feeds my cat and keeps a roof over my head (which are two of my own “company” goals) I’m doing it too. It’s a strength in my company of “ME” that increases market share.

ASK YOURSELF: if you were your own company would others invest in you after you show them your profits and losses sheets with you company plan for the next year? You’re the CEO that just might turn this company around with an aggressive new plan or getting it showing even better returns.

THE PLAN: This isn’t rocket science. Look at your goals. Look at what you are doing and can be doing to point you in the direction toward them. If you don’t write them down, have them in your mind… well if you have no destination in mind you’ll get nowhere fast. This is also about doing. Companies produce… they don’t sit and wait for the profit fairy to visit.

*THERE IT IS FOLKS* Given to you knowing you need to show your investment at an incredible deal at a chance to either turn your company of *YOU* around or a chance of making better returns. Please don’t forget my small consultant fee. I don’t mind working cheap… but prefer not free all the time. (I don’t promise fortune 500 company… individual results may vary an all that… because that part is up to you!)

PLEASE SEND YOUR 3-5 dollars (make checks payable to: “Alan D Jones” ) for your own full color certificate of ownership of your own company suitable for framing of *YOU* to:

Alan D Jones
PO Box 394
Laconia, NH 03247-0394

***DON’t forget your return address and name you want on the certificate!!!***

The costs cover my printing, mailing, and balance will go toward feeding my cat, art supplies, and general world domination plans. I’m calling you out here… are you serious enough to write out a check for a few bucks as a symbol of your commitment to your investing in yourself? Order now through the end of May 2010.

(BONUS OFFER SUPERDEAL! Throw in another buck or two and I’ll send you a random cartoon art print of one of my drawings!)

At Foolsfitness we are NOT about common sense. We are about Un-Common sense… that sells the company of YOU to you!!! I‘ll invest in the art of the certificate if you‘ll invest in you first. That's right... I'm crazy enough to sell you yourself... do you have the un-common sense to invest in yourself?- Alan


  1. oh alan. i do love your posts.

    could i pay in installments? i am kinda all out of money...

    i want to invest in myself.

  2. Hi Alan. A brilliant post. And I can see how this one led into the next post because you have definitely changed your perspective.

    You are getting serious about this!

    Bearfriend xx


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