Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tea for 2

Why is $19.95 so much cheaper than 20 dollars? it just somehow seems so much less even though its 5 cents! I’m looking toward the *under* 300 pound goal (I’m getting so close! Of course every time I say that I seem to blow it) I think it might be a hoot to have “Tea for 2“ treat... There is some huge psychological hurtle between 300 something and 299 even if its just a couple of pounds. I’m thinking the treat is a real *new* fancy tea pot and some tea balls and loose tea.
I use to have a “cozy” which is as pathetic as it sounds… a blankie for your tea pot to keep it warm to let the tea steep. I’ve been on a massive tea kick. I got a used tea pot. I also have several sampler packs of black teas. I have had a complete ritual to making tea. You boil water in the kettle first starting with sharp cold water. After the water is boiling (active…not boiled past tense) and then rinse out the tea pot to heat the tea pot up… then pour in boiling water into the tea pot, gentle over the bags (Yeah I’m crazy when I freak out to the point about not bruising the tea leaves). … and then put the cozy over the tea pot to let it steep. Tea is not made in 10 seconds… it must steep!!! Yeah, I need a hobby or something and less caffeine huh…
Lots of stuff going on:
*Officially I have now eaten several vegetables including that spaghetti squash I mentioned about in my last blog… or the thing I loving refer to as “the alien pod“. Also get this… a visit to KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) and the total order was a grilled chicken breast. I use to consume twice as many calories in soda alone in past visits!
*I did the whole volleyball thing once more complete with the Spiderman impersonations and the bloody knee again. This time is my team rocked. I had a serving run of 10 points before the other team scored, I also scored a winning serve to finish one of the games off. I even got compliments on my serve!
* “The Fools Fitness Fellowship” group that I started at my church is growing. Some of the stuff I’ve been able to pull together about nutrition from various sources I’ve found on the net has been cool. I also have been playing games like guess the calories and this one you have got to try… fill a pitcher with water and pour out what you believe is one cup (8 ounces) of water into a bowl. Now take that bowl and pour it into a measuring cup. I’d suggest putting something under the measuring cup because my group poured sometimes 2 cups or even a bit more in the attempt!!! I love the group… I’m learning as I teach, and it’s keeping me on track better too. This week I’ve got a caloric poker bluff game planned where people will have caloric menus and try to up the stakes up to certain caloric and fat levels.
* I’ve gone a few days without Chinese food!!! I don’t want to be afraid of it by hiding from it, but I also want to illustrate to myself that I have the choice within me to say no to it for a while. I planned my pledge for a week ending this Friday and I am a man of my word… then I will choose to either enjoy some then or wait longer.
*That two hundred something mark is going to be so incredible for a bizarre reason that maybe lighter folks don‘t even consider. My bathroom scale maxes out at 300. I can’t weigh myself at home! I get “EEEE” yup I seem to frighten my scale! Like I don’t know it’s an “error” to weigh over 300 pounds already!
*Another odd thing that lighter folk may not think about. This is crazy I know but I got really freaked last night as I felt a bone in the joint of my wrists. I was kind of concerned at first… I mean I don’t remember seeing that there!!! I have honestly not seen my wrist bones in so long… wow. I have wrists! There are lots of little things that you can really appreciate as you drop weight from being very large. Tying your shoes. Zipping up a flight of stairs. Getting in and out of your car easier. Just *finding* clothes that fit you, never mind in the style you want… just even ones that *fit*!
*I’m working on whole life balance. From the food end in eating more mindfully in portions and in nutrition. Financial working on cutting out the debt. Fitness finding sane enjoyable activities loosely referred to exercise that I’ll do and repeat. Teaching and preaching occasionally… Now something enjoyable… maybe drawing just for fun without a client in mind. Or amusing myself with a subject without finding the need to study it. Working out sane schedules. I haven’t really taken a real day off in a while. I have honestly in my whole life never gone on a vacation over like a weekend stay. Maybe that will be a treat goal near the goal of 12 percent body fat way on down the line… to take a week and really go someplace just for fun sake, not for business, learning, the church, somebody, or any reason other than I want to go and enjoy it. I appreciate my passion and zeal, but I also need to learn moderation… in multiple things, to find some sane happy middle point.
At Foolsfitness we want our workout music in our gyms from people like the B-52’s and Prince because they ooze style! Oh, and that Willy Wonka Oompha Loompa song!- Alan


  1. You didn't mention if the spaghetti squash was delicious or that you merely endured it. Hope you liked it. It's actually a versatile vegetable.

    You're a little strict with the tea ritual but I bet your tea is perfect. I confess to a loyalty to Red Rose and break out the loose tea only for company.

  2. Good for you for trying new things, I need to get more adventurous. It is funny how 299 feels so different than 300-either way you should be proud of your accomplishments so far~

  3. I checked out your other site, and enjoyed your artwork. It was as quirky and talented as your writing. :-)

    If you have the time and are so inclined, I would love it if you joined me in doing Toon Tuesdays! Or whatever day that works for you.

  4. Hey alan,
    I love coffee as much as you love tea. I only drink starbucks brand french roast, extra bold. 3/4ths of a cup into the kitty, cold water into the the holding portion of the coffee pot. And Brew baby. I only get two cups a day now. Oh, and us lighter folk (meaning me) freaked out when I found a lump on my ankle....only to realize that there are BONES IN YOUR ANKLE.
    Us lighter folks get giddy when crossing into onederland, this hysteria doesn't stop just cause you cross into the 200' For me, once I cross into onederland, every ten pounds is going to be a mini celebration.
    At a deliberate life, we are hardcore and listen to rap and pink at the gym. It gives us the illusion of power and the urge the buss a cap in someones *ss.

  5. I think tea is a great hobby. :-D

    Wow. Your report is so positive with so much forward momentum - eating veggies, choosing more wisely at KFC, saying no to Chinese.

    If you have trouble keeping within your new plan with something [we all have a nemisis or two], I found it best to just stay away from it for awhile.

    If it's something I felt I could not live without, I would plan in a *controlled indulgence* about every other month. [I don't do this anymore, but it helpe a lot when I started so that I didn't feel I was missing out]. I would buy a controlled/fairly reasonable amount of that not so healthy food and enjoy without guilt. For me it was Cheetos. I would enjoy with a *girl* movie. The trick is to control the amount - not too much, not too skimpy and to leave the guilt out of the equation.

    Since I knew I could have more in a few weeks, it kept me from going crazy.

    Eventually, I was able to control most situations and most foods. With that being said, I still have a huge problem with cashews & licorice.

  6. I am SO happy that you are doing SO well in SO many different areas of your life! :)

  7. i spy lots of positives in there alan :D ALOT.
    its so refreshing to read the good posts once in a while especially since i still feel like crap :(

    so close to the 200 hundred somethings. keep your eye on the prize m'lovely.

    i just had chinese is pretty hard to resist. g'luck with that.

  8. I have something for you on my blog ;-)


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