Monday, November 9, 2009

I need Style. What’s In or Out, Hot or Not?

I always get a kick out of seeing those tabloid magazines on the racks at the checkout. Actress somebody”s Fashion flop! You are not wearing those are you?! Those were soooo 5 minutes ago!
What is your style? How have you changed, or are evolving now? Remember the eighties? Did you have the puffy mullet hair or preppy upturned collar shirts with an alligator on the pocket? Maybe it was Huey Lewis and the News with some Michael J Fox… back to the future for you? In a way I’ve never really left the eighties. I still listen to the B-52’s. I’m not retro… I never left. I tried shopping for some new “hip” clothes last weekend. I did get a vest, but really got overwhelmed and just got a new mug for my tea.
I still consider matching my socks by the goal of “two clean ones”. My house has a early thrift store décor. I can’t say that any of my furniture matches, nor do I own two of the same of any dishes or cups. If there were a black hole of contemporary style… it would center over me. I’m not saying I don’t have style, just not the “in” style. I think my style has something to do with wearing old style hats and going to Chinese food buffets. It also apparently has to do with sweat pants… I have lots of those.
If you are serious about the journey, being getting more fit and/or getting rid of some excess baggage you must see some style changes? I’ve seemed to hit a weight plateau where I drop to a certain point and then bounce around it up and down. I think it’s really *style warfare*. The old way me and the newer me are in a tug-of-war of change verses the status quo. I’m not really sure who the me is here. How are you changing, evolving, or what are you struggling with? Here is my list:
Regular Soda is out. Diet soda is being replaced more by tea.
Eating out of the bag is gone. No more endless grazing without thought to intake.
I am now a label loony. I need to know what a serving is and how many and what calories it contains. I am much more aware how much I am eating (Even when I’m eating way too much I‘m more conscious of it)
The Chinese food dragon, he rages stronger! For some reason somehow I end up still eating too much at the buffet and even more often as the journey continues. I need to master one day walking into the buffet place and having a single reasonable plate of food… with some of the plate still visible. I have walked away from a little food on the plate so it’s progress, the problem is that it’s always been the second plate that had been heaped up. I will get this.
Still struggling with portions, but now “a pizza” is not “a serving” again, moderation isn’t really in my vocabulary… but I’m trying to experiment recreationally with it. I’ve made some steps but they need to be more consistent.
Candy bars no longer really interest me (Honest!) That’s weird. I use to be nuts for peanut M+M’s too but not really now. I got through all Halloween with a single small pumpkin candy. Maybe it’s because I eat granola bars sometimes. Caloric wise they are somewhat close, but I think have a bit more nutrient dense mix in them.
Chips out. I do some rice cakes (but only the flavored ones). I used to be a Doritio eating machine.
I have become obsessed with chimichungas and pierogies. I think part of it is the simple prep in the microwave. Plus beyond my personal taste for them I think the former has a good mix of a bit of everything. The peirogies rock at having six for 340 calories and the fat is nearly nill at 40 calories.
I still am freaked around vegetables. The only basic way I have them is in V-8... If at all.
I’ve learned from experience as two different friends have passed away over a week that I can be a huge emotional eater. I’ve made some progress with this reminding myself that food doesn’t fix it… but this week was just a mess and I didn’t convince myself of that fact well at all… 5.5 pound gain! 314. Yet I can’t blame others, or make excuses… well I could but the truth is I can do way better. I know. I have done worse but I know I have in me the ability to do far better. No matter what it is, its not a good excuse. Food is fuel. To be enjoyed, but not for the sake of enjoyment.
I’ve made some progress even among set backs. It’s not an all or nothing deal. It bothers me to gain some pounds back, but hopefully I’m gaining the wisdom from the experience this time too. So it’ stands at about 29 pounds off since the start.
So the next goals I think need to be to really focus more on portions and lock in some better balance in what I’m eating, along with long term consistency. Wow I’m like rocket scientist brilliant here huh? So I got to learn what I needed to learn from the beginning pretty much…
Wisdom of Foolsfitness says that when one looses a pound… it is best to not celebrate with a pound of food.- Alan


  1. I was getting a little bored with things and decided to become more clinical about it all...sort of treat my diet and exercise as a science experiment. That has helped me stay on plan....because I am trying to see what happens if, say, I stay very low carb for two weeks....or if I exercise two hours more in a week, etc. When I have these goals...and am curious to know the result, it somehow is helping me stay on track during these cold...long.....dark....days. Brrrr!

  2. Your style will come with time. Start with your undies. Seriously. Spend some money & go thru your undie drawer. Get rid of the ones that have holes, stains and elastic is gone. You've dropped weight. You deserve good undies. Take some pride man! Get some with color.

    Here's a thought about issues with Chinese buffets. Stay. out. of. the. buffet.
    ("Doctor it hurts when I do this." "Then don't do that.")

    V8 is a good start. Now go into the grocery store & see what veggies are there. Start simple. You like apples? Have an apple. Carrots are ok? Then have some carrots.

    You don't have to jump 100% into the fresh produce section of the store. Just look & ask questions. Taste everything once. Twice even. You'll be surprised at what you'll like.

  3. Chinese buffets - they're soo good, but soo bad. You want to get your "money's worth", but if you ate anywhere else you'd pay that much for one plate! *sigh*

    I've started doing chinese buffet take out. They give you one container with a portion cup for a dip and one cup for rice or soup. That way you chose smaller amounts than 2 or 3 plates, you can pick the good stuff ahead of time, and still get more variety than ording from the restaurant menu.
    My issue is that the good stuff I "want" is not usually the good stuff my body needs!

  4. I still heart the 80's. I was a punk rock girl. These days I go for a blazer casual look - an authorette uniform I call it. I still heart the Cure, Depeche Mode and lots of 80's music. Not retro, since I lived through it.

    Sounds like you're making lots of progress. I don't know how I'd do at a chinese buffet these days. I just avoid them and anything like them. I control my eating by controlling where I eat. That matters. I learned to make some asian dishes at home that I enjoy immensely. So, I don't really miss it.

    All I've gained is worth it. I keep my eyes on that and how I keep moving forward. That's wher the energy and momentum are.

  5. I think that you are really changing your relationship to food and that is just a wonderful accomplishment.

    Stay focused and you will get where you want to be.

  6. Great wisdom about when you lose a pound not to celebrate with a pound of food :)

  7. Hi, I'm new to fitness blogging and this is my first visit to your blog. I love your sense of humor! Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

  8. i love that last line.

    i have to not celebrate with food. it is such a weakness of mine. i too i am striving for long term consistancy.

  9. Hi Alan. Keep on strengthening the newer you.

    You've made some great changes so far ... just keep plugging away at it.

    Bearfriend xx


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