Monday, May 3, 2010

Bicycle Scavenger Challenge!

I have a game we can play, encouraging you to get your bicycle out . My challenge is for you to take a picture of your bike (and you?) next to an “old car“. In future posts I may challenge you to take pictures next to other things. Please encourage me to do the same. Make some suggestions for me to “find” something I can take a picture of my bicycle with too in an ongoing scavenger hunt!

Leave a comment with ideas and a link to your own blog posts of your own adventure picture. If the game takes off, I may link your blogs in my posts and leave my own current challenge in the right column of my blog. Try to keep the challenges reasonably generic. Not all of us can get a picture of our bike next to the Grand Canyon or Mayan Pyramids. (Well, with photoshop, but that‘s cheating!!!)

SO where do you want to see my “Boba” bicycle next? With a statue, next to an exit sign, by the water, Next to an elephant, in front of a church???

I’m still trying to build up my endurance to ride the bike-a-thon I’m riding for this coming Saturday. If you’d like to make a donation on-line to help out animal projects through Zoo New England please go here:

I’d like to thank my supporters so far… and also to share some great news. “off line” I’ve been able to raise over $60 dollars so far, and on-line I’ve got a current $30 in donations. I’d appreciate your support. That being said this will be the last time I “beg” for donations for the event. There are many wonderful causes that people can support. I think it’s important to try to be a positive influence in the world and naturally there are many other great things you can participate in as well. So, no pressure.

Back to my “training”. I’ve rode over the weekend a casual ride around the State Capital of New Hampshire (in the U.S.A.) and got the two pictures… the Liberty Bell is a replica. That famous crack in the bell is actually *painted* on this one. Somehow a faux crack in this replica seems a bit cheesy to me. The picture in the right column is next to a hot rod bucket Model T.

The ride this weekend was riding about Concord from comic book store to book store, and a little random roaming. I always forget to hook up my speedometer so I have to guesstimate the ride at 3 miles or so? I also learned to carry extra water as I ran out and had to beg some nice lady washing her car at her home for some water from the hose to refill my bottle and to bring my tools too as my front fender got loose. Ride and learn!

Don’t forget next week I hopefully will be posting a multi-part series with pictures of the Zoo New England Gilmour Fund bicycle event. I’m getting *really* nervous… I don’t know if I can ride the whole thing and I’ve never tried something like this. But I guess the key here is I’m going to try! If a guy like me at 330 pounds can pedal, maybe you can too. Remember we are in this fitness thing together and we are riding for our lives… fighting off Diabetes, keeping our hearts strong, and being able to breathe easier. If you can’t ride, walk. If you’re in a place that walking is difficult, just make a choice to downsize to a slightly smaller portion in your next meal and build on that success.

I’ve been thinking that while I make lots of mistakes in poor eating choices, and I kick myself for not being perfect, I’m still trying to do something. Healthy choices add up too! I may never be a Mr. Universe, but I can try to be a slightly more fit Alan.

At Foolsfitness we wonder when this place ended up being a bicycling blog… - Alan


  1. I'm brand new to your blog! (I saw you linked on "Diary of a Winning Loser") What a fun idea to have a scavenger hunt! I want to play along, but I only cycle about once per week. I'll see what I can do. I *LOVE* the idea though, so keep it up!!!! I'm bookmarking your blog to come back to visit! (Perhaps you could visit mine too? Keep up the awesome work!

  2. What a cool idea... I've been meaning to put air in my bike tire and I'll give this challenge a shot. Let's see where would I like you to take a picture at? Hmmmm... How about right next to a bil ol Harley Davidson... with you wearing some leather lookin all biker like? Whadayathink????

  3. Yeah alan, if this is a cycling blog that makes you a cyclist...
    cyclist alan.
    Good on you.

  4. Hmmm. I can't ride a bicycle (poor vision) so I walk. How about if I take a picture of my walking shoe with things? :) Deb

  5. But I don't have a bike! But I like this concept. I tried to do it once with a rubber chicken and he ended up somewhere in like Belgium or something and they never sent him on to the next person. My heart...broken! I miss him.

    Go Boba!

  6. I go to Burning Man every year. One year I stole a neighbor's squirrel lawn thing & took it with me.
    I took pictures of the squirrel doing all sorts of things.
    Then took it on a road trip with me. Had the squirrel on the "Welcome to Colorado" sign, in a bar drinking a beer, etc.
    Then had friends mail the pic's from all over the USA.
    I put the squirrel back after it was gone for about 6 months.
    One day I said something to the neighbor about their squirrel.
    "What squirrel? But funny you should mention it. I keep getting pictures of a squirrel from all over the place."
    All that work & the guy didn't even know he had a lawn squirrel.


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