Monday, May 24, 2010

Part III Glorious Victory!

Lost! No, not exactly… but I was in a place I did not know and at one point as you can see it got pretty thick with woods. We had searched the net and found an old converted railroad line that was now a bicycle and walking path going from Windham to Salem NH and this was planned as our alternate ride as the day before had been a wash out. (If you haven't read parts I and II you may wish to scroll down under this post)

According to lore, in the 1870’s the biggest single rail line in America was here. What an incredible view huh?!

There was a point in the ride when neither of us spoke, it was pure and deep wonderful silence without any buzz of today. The only sound was the sound of a gentle wind caressing your face and singing softly in the trees. It was such a peace that washed over my heart. After that it was like you could almost hear the quiet whispers of a time long past, a very distant steam chug of a time when things were at the right speed.

As this journey was about to wind down it was amazing. A year or so ago I had not imagination of this. The physical ride was NOTHING… I could have traveled twice the distance, plus. I guess as fitness goes it really is a mental fight. It was such a triumph… a goal worked hard for and achieved. Maybe even over achieved. I can’t help but think about all the mental buzz around the event and in my head that led up to this. That was the real fight.

I even finished off the ride with some healthy eating choices at a wonderful little place right next to the bike path. I went for a veggie wrap, frozen yogurt, and non-sweetened ice tea. I even passed on the bag of chips that came with it.

I laughed as I drove home very early on that next morning… you see, the radio played a song that said, “The Wheel in the Sky Keeps on Turning!” over and over. I have no clue what the song was about because it was just those few words that echoed wonderfully in my mind. You see, my bicycle somehow had let this 300 pound plus guy fly!

SO WHAT”S NEXT? I’m thinking a year from now I’m considering bicycle racing. I’m starting to try to get a vintage steel frame 10 speed in good working order. I plan to take a picture of it and stick it on my fridge door to remind me where I want to go next and also where I don’t want to go anymore. Oh, I will not have a chance at any tour de’ France style riding… but that isn’t what it’s about. It’s about my own battle. I will be riding against, and also “for” myself. I would likely be in the back of any pack racing (the guy doing more huffing and puffing than the big bad wolf) but the first time I enter a race, I will already have won.

A few days back I did a 20 mile plus ride with my “Boba” bicycle and yesterday a 12.5 mile ride with minimal stops… I’ve also see the scales bow before my efforts to 317.75... The work is paying off. About a month ago I was flirting with 13 more pounds. My weight shifts up and down a lot but I can be certain of at least a 7 pound or so drop in the range.

Maybe this time next year you will see a pic of me on an old vintage racer… riding a touch faster, a wee bit further, and without so many stops, and of course with a little less baggage.

Act on your dreams my friends.- Alan


  1. Oh, what a wonderful post--wonderful pictures, wonderful scenery, wonder-filled description! Love it, Alan. So happy for you. :D Deb

  2. Great post today. I like hearing about your bike stories. You and I have a lot of similiarities I think and those bike races could be right around the corner for you. Keep it up.

  3. Great job! What a beautiful place to ride :)

  4. You are winning the battle of the mind! And it is showing on the scale... how wonderful for you. :_)

  5. Hi, Alan. There's an award for you on my blog. If you don't have time to meet the criteria, please don't sweat it. Just be blessed by the great honor (chuckle) and enjoy. That will be sufficient. Deb

  6. Ive been reading though I havent been posting. How awesome you got that bike and are enjoying riding so much!!! Great pics, great post. By the way that song was by Journey--kind of fitting eh? You are on a journey :-)
    Keep up the good stuff Alan!


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