Thursday, May 6, 2010

Getting Ready NASCAR Style!

In a day I’m going to be on the road headed to the big bike-a-thon event, and I’m going NASCAR STYLE BABY!!! I’ll tell you about my logo craze but first…

As a last bit of training I jumped on a bicycle safety event at the local NASCAR track where you could actually take your bicycle on the track. Let me tell you it was more dangerous than any stock car race I’ve seen. I work as a bicycle currier but I don’t deal with that level of danger in my normal mail routes. After three laps I got out while I was in one piece.

Why the danger? Well imagine throwing about 200 children all hopped up on soda on to a NASCAR track. The older ones really think how they are on a race car track and want to book it for all it’s worth. Then there is the group that’s just so excited that they zigzag across the track rather than follow a normal line. If you can avoid those collisions then there is the clueless group that end up going the *wrong* way on the track. Can it get worse… oh yes. See there are the 3 year olds who just are learning to ride and are doomed by the Gods of crash and skinned knees. Lastly you have the parents of said children trying to walk with them until they get distracted talking to their friends who also have children in the event… those gals just stroll along oblivious to all, around the track.

I’ve used the Bike-a-thon event as an excuse to “carb load”… after all, any excuse to eat two pizzas in the last couple of days will work right?

Back to my NASCAR Style. I had an idea while I was at the track. I have a decent expense for travel in gas and tolls, plus snacks and spring water. So I am actually putting on panels on my rear panniers with company logo sponsorships! Ahem… I’d like to thank all my sponsors on and off line who supported the Zoo New England Gilmour ride (Over 100 dollars raised now!!!)

AND I’d like to thank my corporate sponsors who are taking care of the Fools Fitness Team Raleigh operation costs… Genesis Behavioral Health, Dance On dance apparel and more , as well as Happy Jack’s Pipe and Tobacco Shop. So… how’s that for wild? Supported by someone who sells two-twos! I’ve even got logos on my helmet and a logo shirt from a sponsor.

Hey does this mean Fools Fitness Team is now “Pro”?


  1. Have bike, will travel. Sponsors?? When did you get so grown-up! :P

  2. lol, watch out for the littlest bikers alan...they are the most dangerous.


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