Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Levitating Children

I couldn’t help but take a picture of this odd sign in a bathroom. Why is that child floating in levitation over the table? Dark Magic my friends. (LOOK CLOSE! THAT KID IS FLOATING IN THE AIR!!!) Moreover what’s with “Baby Changing Stations” anyway? I think people should keep the babies they have and not trade them. My mind spins so odd as thoughts like these drift in somehow.

In an average day my mind tends to wonder a bit. Unfortunately usually so does my focus on eating well and in the proper amounts. There is this ice cream shop five miles out of town that has decided to do dollar cone days not only every Tuesday this summer… but now *every* day!!! I now have a sweet new mistress.

I also have an opportunity. That ice cream shop is five miles out of town and the vast majority of it is going up hill. I’m thinking if I want one of those dollar cones maybe I should ride the bicycle. I’m not even sure if I could make it there without walking half the way up those hills. Perhaps just maybe after 4 hills in I’d rethink my choices, and if I didn’t I would still come out the right way as far more than a small cone of calories would be burned. Gee, maybe that should be my summers fitness plan… ride that loop for ice cream every day. It’s a ten mile loop. Returning would almost always be coasting. By the time I would get there I’d be too tired for a cone anyway? I haven’t attempted it on bike yet… those hills are just daunting.

I have a smaller version of this now. I go for a walk for a fountain diet soda to the convenience store down the street. In the end my light workout usually is a good way to burn a few calories. Except for tonight where somehow I ended up with a donut and cinnamon roll too.

I am trying a few bike rides to get ready for the upcoming bike-a-thon. I figured out how to use the quick release on my front tires brake cable and take off the front wheel to fit it in my car… so I can get it to the biking event on May 8th. I’m riding with someone else too who I’ve adopted into the Foolsfitness team. She’s even guest posted way back. I can’t wait to get pictures… I think it will end up being a multi part series posts. This is exciting stuff. I think it might be her first Bike-a-thon too.

I’ve got a few more trips planned. The First Sat in May is “free comic book day” where comic book stores usually will give a way a comic to people just for showing up. I use to be a huge X-men (Gambit), Batman, and Green Hornet Fan. There is also a couple of neighborhood bicycle safety events I could attend. I’ve also been eying out a new air pump, but I hate spending money sometimes. It’s weird to justify the air pump. I could just pay the 75 cents or a dollar for the local petro station air pump a lot of times before paying for the cost of that foot pump. I think my mind spins sort of odd. I waste so much energy on weird thoughts.

And Remember that Foolsfitness has a center for weird thinking near you!- Alan

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  1. but if you get an air pump and a basketball needle it can pull double duty.
    think of the possibilities...air mattresses, beach balls etc.
    endless possibilities.
    YOu could get a job at the county fair blowing up balloons.
    serving at the center for strange thinking for 36 years now.


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