Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Dime Store Window

What is it like to have a dream? Perhaps when you were young you looked into a store window and saw that one amazing toy, that the mere sight of it filled you with such joy you could not find words to express. Our hopes and dreams ( and faith of course) drive us and build us to look to a tomorrow.

For the last three weeks I have walked by a antique shop and seen such a thing. There she was smiling at me. I saw an old 70’s vintage Raleigh steel frame ten speed. If you have read my blog you may recall I have attended watching a bicycling race at the local NASCAR track and also have had the pleasure of running my cruiser style mountain hybrid Raleigh bicycle even on the track once.

Back to the dream. Last year I had the dream to loose weigh and become more healthy. I can proudly exclaim I hit the 320 mark which is ten pounds less than last month and about 23 pounds less than the start of my blog a year ago. I am trying to take that dream and work hard making it into reality.

Now for reality. I have far to go, but first another dream to fuel the fire with a “what if” question… What if I got that steel framed bicycle and restored it to working order over the fall and winter as I continue to restore my own body to a more working order as well. That bicycle could take me INTO the race not just sitting on the sidelines with some hard work in a year.

I heard it’s siren song and how she called to me over the last three weeks. I would prove to that bicycle how I loved her and was worthy as I came home this last weekend from my bicycle marathon, slaying that preverbal dragon for her! She winked at me last week inside that window with her English Raleigh emblem all enameled glowing at me… I think I had caught her eye as well.

Yet she also carried on her an earring that claimed she was in her debtors prison for one hundred dollars. I dug deep in my heart to find some way to offer a acceptable bounty for her freedom from that cruel prison. I arrived home early Monday morning from the bike-a-thon driving by the shop… in a couple more weeks I would have the gold to free her some way, some how…

As you see in the picture I crafted as an Ode to her, now she is but a ghost who will haunt me tugging at my heart strings afar in some unknown location… my lovely old race bike was sold on Saturday not to me but another. I morn her and my heart is defeated and crushed, my dreams smashed into oblivion on the rocks of the shores of reality. Yet in that love I hope she is happy and free to fly again with another. Still… Still my friends I had wished it was with me. (the above sadly is true. The bicycle is gone…)

***(I am currently working on writing up my adventures… and terrors at my very first bike marathon last weekend… please bear with me, it will take a bit of time to do it writing justice and will end up being multiple parts)***

At Foolsfitness somehow we have experienced great adventures, triumphs, terrors, sadness, and heartbreak all in the span of a week…- Alan


  1. oh I want to find you another.
    The heartache.
    But whatever else you do..that dream is a good one. Don't let it will find another. maybe it won't have quite the same sparkle, but another bike will catch your eye. I think striving for that race is a great thing to do....
    Here at a deliberate life, we encourage intentional living....
    Go out and get it...

  2. Uh-hmmm. " old 70s vintage..." Oh, dear. I do remember when the 10 speeds came out... being I'm an old 1952 vintage, myself. lol

    As Chris said, you will find another when you are able to make it your own.

    congratulations on the marathon! I'm looking forward to the story. You have a nice way with words.

    Congratulations on the weight loss!!! Wahoo, you! :D


  3. Don't give up on the bike. It might not be *that* exact bike, but watch Craigslist... old ten-speeds can be had frequently, and I'm sure for less than $100 at times.

  4. Awww but there will be another Siren to tempt you - she is just around the corner


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