Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Got Grounded

I sadly look outside and want to go play… but I can’t. I’m grounded. At least today I’m trying to ground myself as lately my activity level has been through the roof and I really think a down day to let the body repair might be for the best. I’ve got a bicycle ride in the back of my mind to do but I’m laying low.

I think I mentioned the 13 mile bicycle ride on last Sunday. In the last week I also got to go exploring some old railroad tracks that had been converted to a walking path too. The “Northern Rail Trail” I scouted out with a friend as I wanted to check it out to judge if it was worth getting the bicycle over to it. (the pictures are of the general store front and depot. That caboose had been converted to a camper.)

We stopped a couple of times at various points, saw a wild turkey and some turkey vultures. The last point we stopped it was called “Potters Place” and it was an old train depot and general store that had been converted to a historical society museum. It was the custom in some areas back in the old days to have the post office within the country store. Sadly visiting the place off peak season it was closed and all we could do is peak in all the windows. A form of that post office was run until 1988.

In the late 1800’s the rail line had a head on crash of two locomotives, one freight and the other passenger. According to the paper, 3 or 4 people died, the locomotives were demolished, and a few more folk were hurt.

Speaking of hurt…An update on George from my last post who got hurt in a game last week. He can walk but had to take a couple of days off work and there is no chance he can play for the rest of the season as he did some kind of heel damage to himself. It was sad. He came last night to say goodbye and sat on the sidelines and heckled us good naturedly. He was in pain to really want to play as well as the foot pain.

Another wild volleyball game last night. The league is loosing players as the season progresses and I think some of them are burning out leaving early. Somehow I got traded to a team after my own lost a couple games in a row. I knew I blew a few points working as center in a row (it’s my weakest area… I serve well.) So I was feeling pretty low. Then I noticed that my old team had a eight point loosing streak without me on it!!! Then being on the new team we won the game against my old team. After that I couldn’t help but yell, “Are you rethinking the idea of trading me now!?” Ok, it was a bit unsportsmanlike but I was kind of emotionally hurt being traded off.

In the last week or so my diet has been hampered with some less than calorically miser like choices in snackage. I’ve been experimenting with making wraps as sandwiches, they rock and I think with tinkering I can make some decently filling and calorically prudent fare. Then there was the KFC, the tale of two cities. One a stop on the bicycle just out front to mock them taking a picture of the sign with Boba. However the next day some choices inside KFC that I can’t say I’m comfortable with.

A check of my weight is down 4 pounds! Apparently KFC was merciful. Lets see if I can stay downward of 330 and finally break that 300 into the 2’s… a goal that has for a long time alluded me.

AT Foolsfitness it’s time to get a workout in a bit of pleasure reading with some cheesy novels. Hey, is reading scary books is an aerobic workout? I mean your heart gets pumping and all right?- Alan


  1. I loved this post..and I could see why you'd be hurt that you were traded...and they probably ARE sorry they traded you and wouldn't ask you back cause by all rights you would say no. I like your try and see approach to the food you are eating. It's a good way to go.
    I have a feeling you are headed for twoterville.
    With all this work, you deserve it.

  2. keep it up man. I hate being grounded - it's so hard to not go and do something. You are right though -- it really helps the body.

  3. Good call on the rest. Your mind is on fitness and nutrition, so you will be fine. Thanks for the update.

  4. I saw some Wild Turkey last weekend, too. Waitaminute... I'm not sure we're talking about the same thing...

  5. Wahooo! Four pounds gone! You're obviously getting it going now! :D Deb

  6. Very awesome, Alan. And I LOVE when people get the last laugh, so I think it's cool what happened with the volleyball team. You deserve to be happy with yourself and your progress :)

  7. Hi Alan. Wow! Sounds like you've been really going for it recently on the exercise front. And it's paying off - great 4lbs loss.

    You see many interesting sights as well when you're out walking or biking - I'd love to see some more photos.

    Hope the rest of your week goes well,
    Bearfriend xx


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