Monday, April 19, 2010

You Won’t Believe This! But it’s TRUE!!!

What’s Happened in the last week you may not believe… If you’ve ever seen the movie “Ferris Beuler’s Day Off” While my own life is not to the extent of his, I certainly have a bit of it and the level is increasing.

I have the blessing of waking up on a day and have an adventure pan out for me that was unplanned so many times. Sometimes I don’t know what each day will bring. I think it’s a spiritual gift from God. In the past I HAVE somehow ended up in a parade, gone to a rock concert, or even made the choice to go on a mission trip to Belize within seconds when I had woken up those mornings not having any idea what adventure was awaiting for me.

Even more adventures have happened within this last week!!! I’ll mention them of course, but first understand All of them happened as a day unfolded… not all in one day, like Ferris, yet somehow. Perhaps it’s a lesson of awareness and being open to the Spirit of God moving you… But while I do not hide my faith I’d rather not Bible thump and perhaps push people away so just let me continue with the story…

I think it’s a lesson to live life as an adventure and not give into the fear. Maybe food is perceived to be “safe”, yet it seems to rob some of us in the end with ills and short lives. Being massively overweight is a prison. It limits your ability to live life Ok, all right no more lesson pondering… what did I do this last week:

*I GOT KNIGHTED!!! That right, Perhaps I should refer to myself in third person character as Sir Foolsfitness now? Well Sir Alan is a First Degree Knight of the Knights of Columbus. Yesterday I was asked… I knew it was right within moments… For my love of the Rosary just connects me with them. So now I am part of the Order. (I feel so Jedi…)

*I WAS ON A NASCAR TRACK! Not in the bleachers, but standing ON THE TRACK and ON (in, on top of) the pit row at New Hampshire Motor Speedway!!! Right next to race officials scoring and talking with them as the held the *first* NHCC (New Hampshire Cycling Club) at the track for this year.

*I GOT an audience with the *CARDINAL* in Boston Massachusetts (U.S.A.) as they were helping him adorn his vestments for Holy Mass, and he blessed my Rosary. Not to harp on the Rosary but it’s an antique and it prays well and powerfully… I have no proof but I wonder sometimes if it is a relic. It was given to me by my sponsor when I joined the Roman Catholic Church way back when.

*I GOT skinner!!! Last week I recorded at my work a weight of about 324... That’s somehow about 6 pounds drop within a week or so!!!

*PRISON BREAK! Back to the prison of being over three hundred pounds… I still have to look at a 2xl shirt and debate slightly if it will fit (but it’s a marked improvement over the 3 and 4XL’s of before!) I still can’t look at “normal” clothes. Watching that bicycle race was all I could do. There was *NO* way I could pedal that hard for that long. Moreover I’d literally snap one of those carbon fiber bikes with my sheer mass. This is a prison. I am still in prison and it may be a time for a prison break!

I’ve got a gut feeling that as that gut goes down the adventure will go up.

At Foolsfitness we say it may be time to plan our escape from the prison, and try to never see that Warden of Fat and his Candy pushing Guards again. Say good bye to your super XL sized prison cells of sloth.
- Sir Alan Jones, Knights of Columbus, First Order.


  1. Congratulations on joining the brotherhood! My dad just became a knight of the 4th degree. I'll tell you, those men have done so much to help my family and the surrounding community. Many of the knights I see, not as friends of my dad, but as family...uncles, cousins, brothers, etc. They're always there for each other, and I just love them.

    Good luck with everything!

  2. Man! What a wonderful week!!! I felt enthused just reading about it. :D Deb

  3. That is a great week! And Alan, I can garuantee you that as your weight goes down your life opens...absolutely. Keep going.

  4. Sir Alan,
    (she kneels low, requesting audience and permission to speak)

    You are right. Helen Keller said: "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." And this fat prison wants to keep it nothing... but it's losing!! And we are winning!

    I LOVED reading your adventurous week. Look out... more to come!

  5. Holy cow what an interesting week! Congrats on the loss!! Not sure what the Knights of Columbus are, but congrats on that too! lol

    I'm not Catholic, but have some family members on my dad's side that are, and I know what a big deal it is to have your rosary blessed, so I'm glad you're happy! :)

    I say yes, it's definitely time for a Prison Break!! I'd love to watch your escape! There's so much living for you to do...and wouldn't it be easier if we did it without the Sumo suit? Trying to shed mine, too. :)

  6. Congrats Sir

    I'm beleiving in this Prison Break so that I can be ready for what the Lord has for me.

    Charge >>>>>>>


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