Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hunger JedI and DVD Give-a-way

Time to announce the next winner of a DVD, but first I’d like to talk about hunger. People who have struggled with weight realize the incredible pull of being hungry. Lately I’ve been thinking that if it’s possible to channel that hunger it could wield incredible power. There is a far difference from a hungry lion to a grazing cow. Maybe I’ve got to remind myself that being a little hungry might just be actually a good thing.

Think of the reverse of the idea. Have you ever seen an animal (or a person) who stuffed themselves to the point they could barely move… then they likely took a lay down to sleep and digest. There is definitely an allure in that sedation. Yet with hunger there is a drive, a fire. I’m not talking starving hunger but an edge might just give one an edge.

Hungry people are pioneers. People like the Wright brothers who hungered for flight. Tesla and Franklin who hungered to harness electricity.

I think it keeps coming down to the core questions… Is it enough to be sedated and settle. It’s easier. The other option is to constantly ride that hunger into life with fire filled eyes thrashing into adventure both exciting and terrifying… or be comfortable. I’ve heard many people lately say they were bored. I don’t think life is boring. Settling is boring. Being too comfortable is boring. You could sleep your whole life away and miss it all.

I’m learning that mantra “that hunger you feel isn’t for food.” Sure food can sedate it but in the end just like any other “drug” it isn’t going to fix it… actually in the end it creates it’s own problems. Yet it’s a hard lesson… It’s a very seductive temptress. Who doesn’t want easy right? The diet and fitness machine gizmo industry practically thrives on selling the “easy” illusion or delusion (Notice I avoided the word solution… because that takes hunger!)

So as with most my year end review… up and down a bit but April to end of year 31 pounds lost… from 343 to currently 311.75!!! The holidays were a challenge, and so is stress. This year the goals are to stay hungry. Sedating the hunger isn’t totally helpful. I’m not talking starvation here but I think actually for years I’ve been starved of a full life. I think I'm starting to loose that glazed donut eye gaze. I like the eyes of hungry better. Just look at the deer in the head lights starting weight picture on the right I put up!
I’m learning the ways of the hunger force to become a Jedi and stand against the dark lords of gluttony, sedation, and settling. 31 pounds so far might just say the force is with me… but I am not a hunger Jedi *yet*. But after all the ups and downs I held the line of gaining only 1.25 pounds in the 3 months of holidays from October first. I was iron through Halloween, but that stuffing at thanksgiving found a chink in my armor and then the Chinese food flooded in!!! Still, holding weight off for months is good. Now on to getting more off.
I’m very proud of the “Fools Fitness Fellowship” group I started at my church. They have learned a lot and fought the good fight during the holidays as well as have raised over $120 for the church general funds. For our last events we bowled and proudly walked the mall, we now are more aware and mindful of our food choices. I’ve officially “retired” as leader, but it looks like we might keep going more informally and do more bowling and even belly dancing. (Well I might pass on the last one) Since April I’ve swam, bicycled, and Volleyballed my way to being more active.
The random drawing for my other Christmas give-a-way DVD goes to “Chubby Chick” chosen at random. I’m really happy she won because she was one of the first blogs I started to read as I began my transformation… she and a couple of others inspired me to blog. Her gotta loose 200 pounds blog reminds me to keep on going and keep on fighting. Let me say if your thinking about blogging, it’s help me process stuff, keep on track a bit better, stay motivated and supported, as well as have fun and be a part of a community of real people who know what it’s like to struggle with weight.
And remember that Foolsfitness always says “Don’t give into the cookies… they lead to the dark side!!! Stay a hungry Jedi, it makes you powerful“- Alan


  1. Gotta say first that I love your Hunger Jedi pic! You really should put that in the sidebar so it won't get lost.

    I found it interesting what you said about hunger versus sedation. I hadn't thought about it that way, but it is so true. I have recently been deliberately eating smaller breakfasts and lunches, and getting "used" to feeling hungry. I am not diabetic, so there was no reason for me to get all worried about being hungry! I am getting used to it, and just drink something, and remember that I can eat if I really want to. Usually I don't now, and it's not that bad.

    My motive in doing it was to break that mindset that was almost afraid of being hungry, that wanted to be stuffed and not feel. I really appreciated reading your take on it.
    And congrats on being DOWN 31 pounds!!

  2. I love the Jedi pic, too.

    Yes, we must feed ourselves with more than food. I found that linking that with my quest for better health was a tremendous help.

  3. i love sleep. and before i did just used to sleep my life away. doing nothing. not any more people. gots me some energy!

    love the picture dude!

    cookies are indeed at the dark side!

  4. Ive seen a person who stuffed herself to the point she could barely move and then slept it off to digest...Oh wait, that was me. My bad...hehehehe...
    anyway, it seems we have both been quite off track since Halloweenie times. But I dont think I could claim the teensie gain you had. forget it! At any rate, here's to taking more off, onward!!!
    PS. the pic cracked me up too!


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