Thursday, January 14, 2010

Still digging a Tunnel

The 2nd week of tunneling is under way and I have now found my cat. I had to empty the fridge totally including my mustard that was a year past date… the only survivors there was a few cans of tuna. One of my New Years Resolutions was to find my house under all the rubble. This is no human undertaking as I have found junk mail from 2005. I’ve debated if it may in fact be easier to just move than clean and reorganize my little studio apartment. Being a bachelor I’m not exactly domesticated. Moreover my unwillingness to let go of my library of books and art supplies doesn’t help when I live in a place that is so small it doesn’t even have a closet. The Apartment won’t even get a normal address, it’s actually filed as “Apartment Zero” at city hall.
I’ve eaten one of the cans of soup that was dated a year past date and am considering eating the other as now there is pretty much nothing left. Sadly I had to part with peanut butter that was 6 months past expiration... But it didn’t matter as all the bread was rock hard in the fridge too. Maybe one way to loose weight is just to not have any food in the house? I’ve still got a stash of granola bars and beef jerky as I press on the dig. I think I need one of those miners lamps. Plus at work there is always someone willing to part with a donut.
A lot of our blogs focus on Diet and Fitness but I don’t think it stops at what we eat and how much we move. It is a transformation or evolution into something different. I struggle with the idea that if we change does that mean that the now is some how less, that we are less valuable now. The idea I’ve been mulling over is it’s not a value quantification to a person by some weight number be it 70 pounds or 1000, but it’s just a striving to be a bit more physically healthy as we makes changes.
I currently have three d├ęcor themes fighting within my home, well four if you can call the Odd couple’s Oscar mess a theme. Originally as a vagabond my apartment was modeled in let me say… early American thrift shop. Then I went to a safari theme. Then at the advise of a friend who said my house looked like a cave I decided to envision that Cindy Lopper and a bunch of clowns did a Martha Steward makeover. Now I’m trying to regain the Safari theme of my tree house. Currently I guess it would be clowns and Oscar from the Odd Couple on Safari.
That’s the thing about life. To really live, you need a vision of where you want to tunnel to, but not stop there as you dig and keep on digging. I just put up an old world style fictional map on my wall. It reminds me that I am to take an active role in trying to be a creator of my world. Well technically it’s God’s world but he lets us do a lot with it if we are willing.
At Foolsfitness we want to know if you can dig it? -Alan


  1. It reminds me that I am to take an active role in trying to be a creator of my world.

    That my friend is a great reminder for everyone...I know that for me, when my eating is nuts and outta control, other little quirks about my personality get outta control too. Im a bit of a hoarder, and def a messy person. Always been a messy-marvin-a lol...
    Here's hoping you dig through all that stuff and get rid of all thats no longer useful or needed! I happen to really like cyndi lauper though, so keep some of that stuff around hehehe

  2. I absolutely agree. or dig it....
    funny, I spent a good portion of my day today cleaning my bedroom.
    I want it organized so badly...because right now, it's so badly organized. lol.
    Have a great night alan.

  3. I think you are so right, being out of order in one area of our lives spills over into other areas. A friend of mine calls it body clutter (weight), house clutter (messy) and stuff clutter (too much stuff).
    I hope we don't have to send in the search party to find you! LOL!

  4. Digging at our lives is a good way to put it. We do tend to value ourselves less when we are big. Perhaps in the back of our minds we think, "Society says we are worthless so we must be".Half of the journey out of our overweight rutt is to find worth in ourselves. Sometimes that's the hardest thing.

  5. It is definitely a transformation of more than just our physical selves.

  6. I have been on a campaign to ditch stuff lately and let me tell you it is so refreshing to actually know what I have and where it is! It is a constant effort but well worth it!

  7. There's a blog award for you over on my post today!
    Glad you found your cat!


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