Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Chimichanga Diet!

Before my *Amazing* new diet plan, it's time to give away a DVD! Loretta (Rettakat), from Loretta's Journey has won the first DVD choice for her art in my Christmas give-a-way… after she chooses I will randomly pick the other person to choose from the one of the other two DVD’s in the reply sections from the post start until Christmas eve night.
I ended the year on a bang… unfortunately it was a buffet fest bang. I’ve gained a lot. I haven’t recorded it yet but will reluctantly step on that scale (I haven’t in a while) to officially record a wild gain at the beginning of the year. I think there is a few others out there that didn’t quite point the scales in the direction they would have liked. Hey, honestly I could have passed on a lot of that food… and I take responsibility for it. I can come up with all sorts of cool excuses, I could easily make it complex… but it is simple, I forgot about my chimichangas.
When I was “On” I had a simple plan, about 1500 calories a day… divided into several small meals. Moving, nothing complex for exercise, just actively doing something. Chinese food was on Mondays. Believe it or not my basic diet really was based loosely around chimichangas. Some boca burgers, and granola bars… trying to maintain a balance between carbs, fat, and protien… no weird radial stuff. I was trying to work in more veggies. Then I got cocky and arrogant. Look at the fitness genius and legend! I lost focus, forgot to keep track of what I was eating. I always forget I’m not bullet proof! Missed exercise opportunities. The simple plan worked… until I forgot the simple, to watch what I eat and move… How rocket science is that? Why is it so hard for myself and so many to get it? Somehow I started making it complex with excuses.
I partly started the blog to enjoy poking fun about how those diet gurus, pill pushers, and fitness machine maniacs make it so complex. and naturally build my own fitness empire as another small step to world domination too! I can’t help but feel most of those guys have those complex gimmicks for the single purpose of preying on people for their money. A monastic like myself should remember that essence isn’t complex. Somehow I temporarily forgot my own message. *Stay mindful, be aware, actively choose, just remember I have the power of the plate in how much I put on it or remove from it.* The Simple is not the complex.
I got some more chimichangas tonight and had one for dinner… Simple… call me the Jared of chimichangas, but somehow they are the keystone of this fitness journey.
At Foolsfitness it’s all about the Chimichangas!- Alan


  1. C'mon, Alan. Let's shift this party into high gear and start rockin' that scale again. I need some company here in my "normal" weight range. It's so lonely here...

  2. I think I gained a few myself over the holiday, but I am back on track too!

  3. I sooo agree with you about having a simple plan. And for me, right now I even have to write it down BEFORE I eat it, or I end up accidentally going over.

    We'll get there... progress, not perfection. Sounds like you are getting back on track, analyzing what went wrong, and getting back on track. 2010 will be the year of ACTION.

    Oh, and I am excited about that DVD!!! Thank you!!!!!!
    PS: Don't faint, but I had to go to Wikipedia to find out what was a chimichanga. "Deep fried burrito". The pics looked delish!

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  5. If chimichangas are the key, then get thyself to some chimichangas. You're getting there, you're on the way. There are bound to be some set backs, just don't let 'em get to you!!!

  6. Simplicity is not to be undervalued!!!
    Chimichangas....yuuuum! That's quite a plan ;)
    Get thyself back on track! 2010 can and will be an awesome year :)


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