Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Blogger Award... Mine and Yours

I got a Happy Blogger Award from two people! Thanks Hallie and Paula Rodriguez!!! Normally I don’t tend to follow directions well for awards but who doesn’t want to list ten things that make them happy…

1) GOD: I love the Lord and am and active Roman Catholic. The love of God gives me life.

2) CARTOONING: as an artist my ability to create (and enjoy others) art. Creativity and the act of creation from computer artwork to drawing, painting, sculpting, and even making a teddy bear. I love Art both in it’s creation and enjoyment.

3) COMPUTERS: The internet can find you any information your interested in, aid you to create, and connect you to others. While I’m a bit techno-challenged I still think computers are incredible (At least when I can figure out how to use them)

4) BLOGS: People have some interesting things to share. People that inspire or make me think. I can find a blog with someone who has such a passion on nearly any subject.

5) COMMENTERS: people who comment on my blog energize me. It’s nice to know your not alone sometimes. Moreover they may offer some new insight.

6) BOOKS: I’m a certified bookworm. I love to read

7) LEARNING: more geekyness I honestly like studying things.

8) MUSIC: I don’t tend to listen to a lot of contemporary music but I adore the B-52’s, swing music, classical (except piano)

9) UNIQUE THINGS: a fedora hat, 100 year old rosary, a wind up pocket watch, an old zippo lighter from the navy. Some things just feel more “real” they have weight and style, they don’t need to be old and valuable (cash wise) but for me older things seem to have more substance. Maybe the world is better for having 29 cent bic pens but I also think it’s worse for almost abandoning fountain pens.

10) CHINESE FOOD! There are too many things to list to be grateful and happy about… like I’ve always wanted a Jeep. Or the cute factor of baby animals, or miniature wargames… Let me just say if heaven is proper it has all you can eat Chinese food buffets. Anyone who has paid any attention at all to this blog knows that Chinese food gets one of the top ten reserved.

This is the part I loathe and part of the reason I don’t normally do the directions with the awards. I have to list ten blogs. When I forget to add or run out of my ten choices someone (many folks rightly deserving of aknowledgement too) they get their feelings hurt. Moreover I can’t figure out how to hot link to peoples blogs yet either. But here is a few blogs that make me happy… for perseverance, accomplishments, style, for their support. Again, I have dozens of blogs I check out… I could spend years writing to everyone… yet here are a few bloggers.

1) Rettakat
2) cmoursler
3) bubbly
4) ant girl
5) arielcircleofnine
6) wildfluffysheep
7) friend of the bear
8) jo
9) chubby chick
10) Bonnie

I’m not trying to be flippant here I have to put in a number 11 for so many others in the blog world I’ve missed. To all of you who have commented, shared your stories and struggles as well as have inspired me by your victories. If I just lost a pound for every person on my blog roll and those ones I also follow that are not on my own lists… I haven't even mentioned Guys like Sean Anderson and the Anti-jared who’ve lost tons of weight I didn’t even put on the award list… well a pound for each person here and I would be back to my original birth weight of 6 pounds and four ounces!

At Foolsfitness we like awards, but the real rewards are in sharing the journey with all of you!- Alan


  1. wow alan, thanks.
    I love your blog.
    I love your spirit.
    And your art, and your imagination.
    And your love of God.
    I will do another happy 10 just for you.

  2. Thank you, Alan, for thinking of me. :-)
    I loved reading your list... and I would have so many of the same things on mine! So see, no need for me to do it, LOL!

    Actually, I've been passing up on awards lately, preferring to spend my limited computer time on blogging and visiting favorite blogs... of which you are high on my list!!
    But thank you for thinking of me,

  3. LMAO back to your birth weight! hehehe...I love your happy list and share quite a few of the happies you put down!
    Thanks for mentioning my blog--I love yours too!!!

  4. Hi Alan. Thank you so much! So sweet of you!

    Bearfriend xx

  5. well thank you very much indeed.
    sorry i am so late in collecting.

    now thats a list i like

  6. Thanks for the award, Alan. It makes me HAPPY that you included me. :)

    I love your list!

  7. Thank you so much, Alan. =) You've made my day.

    Jo 282.5

  8. I enjoyed reading your happy list Alan and you totally deserve the award.


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