Monday, March 30, 2009

Scale slaves

I figured I’d set Mondays as my weigh in day. This morning After eating my breakfast and having a large coffee I decided to get on the scale. 343.75 pounds. Gee before my official start on April Fools day (hence the fools fitness name) I’m ahead of the beginning!

Then I thought, I should have weighed myself before my coffee. For fun sake later in the day I weighed myself again and dropped a pound. I’m calling it 343 averaging the two but now I ask myself… will I become a “scale slave”?

How much do these sweat pants weigh? Gee I could wear lighter ones! My watch is a heavy stainless steel one… I could take that off. What about my over shirt? What if I’m dehydrated or retaining a bit of water? Sick?

If I loose a pound is it a pound of what? Pee, sweat, clothes, fat, muscle? Maybe there is some kind of massive humidity formula I should recalculate the data with an account for wind speed and temperature too?

I’m thinking if I can put a little more weight on a barbell or walk a little faster or further that’s more tangible. But since I have no other general guide to weight loss I must yield to the to the almighty and omnipresent scales… until I figure out a way to usurp their power! Long live the revolt!!! My value is not solely a number… I am not a number! I am a man! I am fools fitness (Alan)

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  1. Alan, since you're just starting out try taking your measurements too. I was always bummed I didn't start measuring till later on.

    I sooooo know about the rituals of the all mighty scale lol. Don't let them take over your thinking though. Maybe just weigh once a week. But of course this is just ideas, your journey is your own and it has to be what works best for you. Take care, be back in awhile *wave*.


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