Sunday, March 29, 2009

War on Fat to be declared April 1st

Excerpt from Article II of the declaration:

“2) The oppression against the body and psychological warfare from such entities as advertisers who shamelessly promote items such as pizza and candy bars shall end. Be prepared for mortal combat that includes but is not limited to extreme fitness workouts and healthy eating.”

So in short, why this blog? I, like a lot of other folks struggle with some excess weight… in my case the word some is used in like “Obama spends SOME money”

At 5 foot 10 and a half and Breaking the scales at about 345 pounds (My current bathroom scale doesn’t even go that high!) I’ve decided it is my last chance to take being more fit seriously as I edge toward forty years old… I don‘t think for me it‘s going to be ever done if not NOW.

I want to do things like ride a bicycle again! If I tried now I’d crush those tires like Godzilla goes through power lines.. To sit comfortable in any chair without eyeing it like a truck driver with an oversized trailer wondering if that bridge up ahead is safe to travel over.

No longer shall I be oppressed under the regime of mega super gulp cherry slushies, down with the Dictator Corn Syrup and and his General Sloth.

My dream… my goal… I can not say it will come to pass, but 199 pounds and 8-12 percent body fat. Then learning personal training to have others join my cause in the revolution!

Why April 1st... some may say I'm a fool to try this and it's doomed to fail. But in my experience crazy people are the only people who really get anything of significance done. Plus, frankly they are more fun to be around than the soul-less minions of orthodoxy zombies.

The Part-Time Superhero currently in training- foolsfitness (Alan)

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  1. Great to get to see you start off your new journey. Love the top of your blog. Good luck!!!

    Something I always tell myself I CAN DO IT! I WILL DO IT! CONSIDER IT DONE!


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