Monday, December 7, 2009

Toon Tuesday Christmas Giveaway (YOU MIGHT WIN DVD PRIZE!)

Foolsfitness has a couple of DVD’s to give away to wish people a Merry Christmas! Enter at any and ALL blog posting(s) from this one to Christmas(but once per blog post) by just commenting with a reply gets you an automatic chance… right up to midnight Christmas eve. That’s right, check back often and leave a comment at EACH bog posting for yet another chance to win! I’ll pick two winners (one for art and one for general posting reply) just after Christmas. Here is details… 2 ways to enter:
FIRST, just leave a reply in the comment section as I mentioned. Tell me about something you love about Christmas, normally comment about the blog entry, Or just even just say hi. Only once per blog post I‘ll count, however you may post *EACH* blog post for a greater chance to win. I will consider any reply (one per post) between now and in any of my blog postings up to midnight of Christmas eve. The winner (chosen at random) will get to pick among one of the 2 DVDs not chosen by the Art winner. The Art winner gets first choice… hey, I’m an artist, I’m partial.
SECOND… because I’m an artist naturally I love art and want to encourage people to make some! Create some kind of art (drawing, painting, photography, sculpting, sewing, even a Christmas story…) as long as it is *newly made* and centers around the theme of “Christmas” in some way. Post it on your blog or somewhere and leave a comment in my replies with a link for me to see it. (my only real request here beyond it being 1) new and 2) loosely around Christmas theme and 3) Your art *not someone else’s* is that the Art be 4)*“family friendly”* in case younger viewers are also checking out your artwork) I’ll just pick amongst ones I like at the end for a winner of a DVD. Moreover that Winner gets pick among the DVD’s first. Even Moreover the moreover than that, you get to shamelessly promote your blog and or artwork! WOW! (ok… well at least it seems wow when I write this in the wee hours of the morning)
WHAT’S THE PRIZE??? Art winner gets first choice among three new DVD’s… Reply posting winner gets to choose among the other two left.
1) Billy Blanks TAE BO the strength within… believers workout
2) Latin Rhythm Workout by Kathy Smith… Hot Latin Sounds. Easy steps!
3) the RANDOM Black Box… You want to live on the edge, I’ll send you a surprise movie… just promise you’ll only watch it with low fat popcorn and diet soda!!!
DISCLAIMERS: I’m trying to make this simple and fun. I’ll ship worldwide as long as I can reasonably afford to. Um, if the DVD’s get abducted by aliens in shipment, damaged by fires started by zombie infestations, destroyed in some massive tsunami or I do before mailing them… My only excuse is I’m trying. Not everyone can win these, it’s just a game, you don’t need a DVD to reinforce the fact that you are a winner in much more important things already. Batteries not included. Some settling may occur. Professional driver on close track. Do not attempt at home. If winners don’t reply to notifications I’ll pick someone else… And any other disclaimers I forgot please insert here…X… Be reasonable!!! I’m trying to give away things here. I’m a vagabond artist not a lawyer Jim!
Ok, Happy Advent! Merry Christmas. Go easy on the Fruitcake.
At Foolsfitness we hate fruitcake and have banned it from our gyms. In fact we have fruitcake sensor checkpoints with fruitcake sniffing dogs at all entrances. -Alan


  1. oh good alan, I was hoping you would post.
    I think I might try the art portion of this contest. Along with commenting daily cause that latin fitness thing looks like loads of fun.
    Things I love about Christmas today...
    My youngest watched Rudolph the red nosed reindeer with me and she was as outraged by the treatment of Rudolph and herbie as I was at her age. So, tonight's favorite Christmas thing: sharing traditions.

  2. Consider this my entry for the day. Thank you so much for joining my blog. It made me feel better. :-) I may even try the art portion of this contest--we'll see.

    I have Taebo for kids and it kicks my butt!


    PS--One of my favorite Christmas things is lighting the Advent wreath at church and at home. The Baptists here don't do that (DH is a Baptist pastor, but we were Methodists in America). So, we have a cloth advent wreath and candles at home--kid friendly. It has been really fun teaching the kids about this tradition.

  3. I love Christmas.

    I sent my dad an old wooden antique advent calendar I found filled with little things I collected traveling this year.

    At this blogpost, we don't know that even necessarily want a TaeBo DVD, but we want to encourage FoolsFitness in their endeavour to give one away and spread the magic of christmas. And something something, etc, Chinese Buffet!!

    Seriously though, always enjoy your blog man, cool giveaway, congrats on your success thus far, and here's hoping for more yet to come, during this holiday season and beyond!

  4. Oooo! I always visit you anyway. :)

    Know any good graphics editors? I used to use MGI, but it doesn't work well anymore. It was made to work with like windows 95 or something. We're having issues. I miss making my own wallpapers, etc ...

    Have a Toony Tuesday! I put up the tree today. That's artistic ...

  5. I hope you have a great birthday and a very happy holiday season!! The thing I like most about Christmas is getting together with friends and family and remembering past holiday seasons.


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