Thursday, May 5, 2011

Going to the Hospital

I got my first “sports injury” playing Volleyball Tuesday night. If you look close at the pictures in the top one my right ring finger is rather puffy. I’ve put up a picture of the other hand to show the vast difference in size below it. I almost look at it as a badge… See this right here, I got that playing sports!

I haven’t gone to the hospital for it. A couple of days it’s still puffy, sore, and doesn’t bend well but I doubt it will need to be chopped off. What I *DO* go to the hospital for believe it or not is dinner or lunch a few times a week. Crazy? Isn’t hospital food terrible?

Hear me out. First of all the hospital bakes all their foods rather than frying them. Second they are cheap, for example I can get salads for 1.50 less a pound than at the supermarket. Lastly, one of the things I’m trying to do is learn serving portions. The hospital café tends to be inexpensive, reasonably healthy, and not completely heap the plate. At home one of the things I’ve adopted is measuring out my cereal and milk with a measuring cup. It’s so easy to just pour a double serving in a bowl otherwise.

There is one flaw to my hospital café eating plan I noticed last night. The nice lunch ladies there are starting to recognize me and seem to be starting to increasing the amount of food on the plate, perhaps out of trying to be nice and wanting me to get a good deal or something? It was a huge error last night as it seemed to trigger me to also add in some bread and a brownie for dessert… somehow I ended the day with like 3,100 calories!!! I’ve got to share my plans and goals with them and get them on my side. Sure I want a good deal for my money, but I either got to take some of it to go or get a half serving or something.

Now for something totally irrelevant to weight loss. But I have to rant… I watched the new Green Hornet Movie last night. I was so disappointed. I’m a huge Green Hornet fan, the comics and also the old radio programs… they made the Green Hornet into a buffoon. The “tech” and effects were great (I loved machine guns in the suicide doors!). I did like that they respected Kato more but to make the Hornet into someone who just “lucks” into stuff… I don’t think they paid it proper due. I guess it’s a hard movie to make because he’s a lot like Batman. Brett has more class than that.


  1. Ouch on the finger! Hope it gets better fast.

    That was interesting about the nice lunch ladies... kinda sweet, but it does sabotage you. That's a good idea telling them your plans and goals. Then, even if you have a weak moment, the fact that "they know" will help you. :-)

    My husband is a cook at a hospital... and the PATIENT food can be bland or whatever, due to dietary restrictions. But the cafeteria food for the "normal" folks is pretty good!

  2. hello fool! i used to read your blog back in 2009 and i'm glad you're still here. i also recently restarted my journey and i hope you stop by my blog sometime- i will be watching as you get down under 300 shortly!!

  3. I totally disagree with your hospital food assessment. I work in a supposedly reputable hospital and the cafeteria food is terrible. It's all fried. Burgers, Pizza, hot dogs, chicken tenders, and extremely salty soups are the usual. Then (sorry for the rant!!) today's menu is: chili-cheese potato soup, cream of broccoli soup, salisbury steak with onion gravy, buttered rice, carrots and peas (yay!), macaroni salad, and fruit cobbler.

    Sadly, I am not even kidding. Oh. They do sell garden burgers. That are fried on the same grill as the regular burgers. End whiny rant.


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