Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dropping Pounds... and Comments?

I got my “official” weigh in for the last two weeks… 5 pound drop. I was getting greedy for a while with my 4 pound drops per week for the last couple of weeks and wanted 8 but it’s nothing to sneeze at. Things are moving in the right direction, about ½ of my winter weight has been shed. I’ve actually started wearing a few XL shirts in public as well as my “skinny” shorts.

Has anyone lost comment posts? I think Blogger had a shut down last week and I’ve lost a couple of comments. Please note folks I did not delete you! In fact I really live for comments. I don’t see them in the spam and don’t know how they got deleted… Anyways, sorry but I didn’t do it and don’t forget that comments charge me up and keep me going!

So yesterday was the second to last Volleyball night for the league, next Tuesday is the finish for the season. The games were intense and I was sopping wet with perspiration at the end. My team ended the night loosing more games than winning. However, I had the highest scoring game I’ve ever played in… in the rules a team needs to win by two points. Normal games go to 15, but in this one game we couldn’t get two points before loosing the ball and the other team was the same. That final score was 21-23! We made the other teams earn those wins for sure. A couple of the other games were fought up a couple of points or only lost by two or three. Those games I don’t mind. Its no fun when one team runs over another like 15 to 8.

Another question to fellow bloggers… I’ve recently gotten a couple of requests to guest blog, I’ve blogged as a guest a couple of times but I guess I’m nervous when someone writes requesting to blog on my own site. I’m uncomfortable “endorsing”, I’ve tried to keep this walk away from the fad diets, tricks, and quick fixes and such. I’m not saying people asking to guest on my blog are any of those but I just get nervous about it. I even struggle with sharing links to resources at times. I honestly don’t want to lead people astray.

At Foolsfitness Ice cream is a food group- Alan


  1. Well, first, CONGRATULATIONS on the weight loss! :D

    My winter weight is coming off, too, but more slowly than yours. Still, it's the direction that counts. :D

    Wahoo, you!

    Re: blogger. I think most of us have lost comments.

    Re: guest posts. If I don't know the blogger well, I deny access. I also refuse to put links up on my site when requested--and I have even refused to allow my blog to be listed as a link on commercial sites. I feel that it stands as a silent endorsement. I'd have to really trust the site to agree to that. So far, none of the requests I have received qualify. :}

    Re: ice cream being a food group at Foolsfitness. Isn't ice cream a food group all its own everywhere? Surely, it is.

    How's your finger?


  2. Ok, it's official. I was wavering about joining my work's volleyball league but now I have no excuse. You made it sound like fun, and who doesn't love winning ?! Or almost winning.

    Congrats, not only on the "only 5 lbs" lost but on the 26 lost since 2009 and the 12 since last year. You're headed in the right direction :) Yeah, you bounced back up this winter, but you've totally got your head on right for this, long term!

  3. Congrats on the great progress, Alan!

    And dittos to what Deb said... I've had some "weird" offers in the last two years. Both to have people come in and be a guest, and to be linked to them, or to review some "diet" book. I turned it all down, especially the requests out of the blue for them to come to my blog and post. I would go to their site, and it was painfully obvious they didn't have a clue what I believed in. All they are really trying to do is promote themselves (and they were usually selling something), and they didn't bother to connect with like-minded people.

    So... just proceed with caution. I know you'll use wisdom.



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