Thursday, September 30, 2010

VolleyBall 2nd Season Return

I returned to playing volleyball after a summer off and the first thing the coordinator said was, ”You’ve lost weight”, which was a neat little treat. I’m currently holding at about 285.5 or about 2 pounds or so up from the lowest in the blog. Not too bad.

My triumpant return to my second season of adult pick up volleyball… well, most of us were a bit rusty not playing all summer. I noticed my jump had improved, after all I’ve got less weighing me down than before!!! However, it will take time to rebuild accuracy. I’ve always joked that if a ball comes anywhere near me I can promise a hit but the direction afterward is totally a different matter.

I haven’t been blogging as much, I think partly to stressors (both good and bad) like after the car needed a head gasket *THEN* the master cylinder for the brakes went. The landlord finally pretty much finished the roof section over my part of the house last weekend. I’m hoping I can find a time stretch of reasonable uneventfulness to just sort of channel my chi so to speak.

I remember the first time last year I played volleyball, the morning after I seriously had trouble just getting off my futon to get to the bathroom and took serious consideration of giving up playing. This time, I did loose most games and I went home drenched in sweat. But the morning after was just a tiny bit sore, not much at all. Also a new perspetive that although I wasn’t playing my best I have more confidence that my skills will return in short order. I’ve always played for just the enjoyment of playing it anyway.

So what’s next? I’m not really certain. As I hover around the 60 pounds off mark I feel like there is some cross roads coming. I don’t really know what they are yet. I’ve never banned food and I don’t think I will ever start to, but maybe trying to add in some more nutritionally dense choices. I’d like to say the exercise thing will be more structured, but I’m just more of a zen type guy. I got a bit sick and the side effects of the medicine have given me a low grade headache I keep confusing for a low blood sugar hunger. Then again maybe that’s just an excuse.

Like I said, I feel like my “chi” isn’t centered and I’m coming to some crossroads but I’m not sure what’s next. I’ve been off the bicycle for a while now and I can’t pinpoint why… maybe it was just all the stress over fixing the car I can’t say. Maybe V-ball will bring me back. Then again maybe in some ways that drop of weight is slowly changing me into a different person in other ways than on a scale and I have to take some time to adjust to that too.

Some of this is that I don’t want it to be all about the numbers on a scale and know it's not. I think people get lost in the numbers and forget about the question of what’s next.

The Blogfather of Foolsfitness- Alan


  1. I agree that people get lost in the numbers. I think you're really doing great, aside from trying some more nutritionally dense foods why mess with a good thing? Keep going!

  2. Hope you get on that bike again over the weekend. You know it does you good.

    Weight loss is only a side benefit. Good health is much more important. Sorry the meds make you feel 'Off!' So much harder to keep the head straight.

    All the best for a lovely weekend and more.

  3. that you can feel a crossroads coming is awesome. YOu know what it is at center. I pray you will go in the direction that is best for you.
    Have fun with volleyball.

  4. Hi, Alan. I missed this post somehow.

    I've had several pauses on my way down the scale.

    I think our minds need to adjust to the new us--those new NSVs, if you will.

    It's a dangerous time, tho, that can go quickly from a pause to a lapse to a gain. Each time, that pause has scared me--a lot! So easy to gain back....

    You've done great. I wish you well on this next leg of the journey!


  5. Hey, Alan.

    There's a blogger by the name of Welwyn who is a published author. She's offering to do a free online workshop via her blog for wannabe writers.

    Your stuff is so good, I thought I'd pass the info on to you.

    She made the offer in two posts. The second one is below. If it doesnt' make sense, you may want to go back to the first post from October 4.



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