Monday, October 25, 2010

Gone Crazy, Back Soon!

I took a picture of this I saw the other day… You see before you a RV on a bus frame that has a shelf on the back that holds a full size dresser motorcycle (the kind with a dash, radio, windshield, lazy boy type seat, and floorboards.) Now that is towing a SUV behind it and believe it or not the SUV has a rack carrying two mountain bicycles!

I mentioned in a couple of posts I felt like was coming to a cross roads. I’m still being at a bit of Zen about what path of many to take. I got a bit sick and the doctor prescribed something I was hyper sensitive to, and it though me for a major loop. Believe it or not in a span of a couple of weeks I gained 20 pounds! All my hard work, then something I take that was suppose to help me sends my body in some kind of craziness. The doctor woman was freaked I was going to have a seizure and I was shaking so badly. When they loose their cool in front of you I think it must be kind of serious. She kept saying, "I'm glad I saw you today" over and over.

SO, thus… I haven’t been posting, and likely until I get back to some more “natural” state I’m going to be off. I haven’t been bicycle riding, volleyball playing, or much of anything. The whole thing really sent me for a loop. Ironically in the past when a doctor prescribed something I reacted badly to what ever that was too… I must have some kind of funny wired system that likes a specific harmony that hates anything in it?

I have been getting out a bit with a new friend. She brought me to a sports game, or rather I think dragged me a bit because she had to as her brother was getting her to go with her folks, so I could be her company. I didn’t mind it, but don’t think I’ll become a rabid fan of that sport in the future.

We might pick up guitar playing in the near future together though which I think is a great idea, especially with winter coming here. I think people focus so much on the weight loss thing sometimes they forget what they are going to put in place of the whole food thing. For me it was never just about food, but replacing it with living life more fully.

Who knows, we might make some money off the guitars. People might pay us to stop playing near them… or we could threaten to hit them with the guitars unless they give us money? Don’t forget to post your comment with ideas for our new “band” name or names of songs we should make up?

I’m leaning toward classical acoustic guitar, but she has access to two steel strings and an electric too, and her dad works as some kind electronics repair wizard who could probabally build us amps or what ever. (Ironically she’s never played her guitars… she got them as gifts last Christmas... but it's no fun to play alone) I might be able to pull off some background tracks off the internet to make something loosely resembling music if we can figure out how to play a chord, then another two chords right after it… (hey, it seemed like a good idea for a hobby at the time.)

I hope this post made some sense… This is why they say doctor’s are “practicing”... they are only people too, but I think I would have been better off just letting the flu or what ever it was just ride out naturally, then the whole medically altered prescription mess. I’ve always thought God made you a certain way for a reason, and altering it just seems like a questionable idea in concept to me.

Don’t forget that at Foolsfitness we are starting a garage band, going on tour near you soon! - Alan


  1. Hey Alan, I sure hope you feel better and back to your old self soon!!! I hate when illness (or lately in my case dental issues) knock you on your rump but it happens. Take it easy and take good care! The new friend and guitar stuff sounds like fun. I think you should just call the band, "The Fit Fools" or "Fitness & Foolishness"!

  2. Alan, I'm sorry you're not yourself and the medication's got you all out of sorts. Hang in there friend. Sending you lots of good energy your way.

    Take care and we'll be here when you get back.


  3. Hey alan, I hope you are okay! Hope you get back to blogging soon. We miss you!

  4. Hi Alan, I was thinking about you today. I hope you are getting back to feeling more normal... I know that take time. I had a severe allergic reaction to an antibiotic a few months ago, and it felt like it took forever to feel normal again.

    "I think people focus so much on the weight loss thing sometimes they forget what they are going to put in place of the whole food thing. For me it was never just about food, but replacing it with living life more fully."

    I read this before, and I keep coming back to it. It was sort of stuck in the middle of the post... kind of lost in between illnesses and relationships. But it really has depth. There is a LOT in that short paragraph!

    I actually think that is where I am at right now... finding that life OTHER than food, the whole reason to do it in the first place. If you ever want a subject for a whole post, I'd love to hear you expound on that paragraph!

    Take care my friend,


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