Thursday, June 24, 2010

Play Ball Batman!

Today I learned I can *NOT* catch a softball and they are not really “soft” at all. In the Foolsfitness world domination plans Cross training is important. After I am done praying, which is sort of a pun but no joke: Jesus Saves yet I don’t want to Bible thump here… Anyway I try new things in fitness and of course try to learn to eat a little better and in more sane portions.

So today I played my first “game” which is actually not a “league” at all but a community pick up game where people just show up and try to have fun hitting balls around and try to run in circles. I’ve never played beyond being forced to in gym class so many years ago I‘d rather not mention, I don’t own a glove (I had to borrow one) but I showed up. I honestly couldn’t catch one ball. Since I have never played I assume if I keep trying this I might just be able to catch a ball someday perhaps out of sheer luck or a developing skill.

The people there were very great and mellow. I actually could hit a bit. Over the night I got two singles. I think they were being kind and really only earned one though. Yet via team mates I actually eventually got all the way around moving a base on each hit and scored my first run too! Actually “running” may be a strong term, although I don’t think I waddled.

In trying to get into the spirit of things I created my own baseball card. I’m not sure if you can be really official unless you have one? I also wore the tallest socks I had and pulled up my sweat pant legs to my knees. I think if I play again I should chew gum too?

I currently have lost some feeling in my pitching hand and what I can feel in it aches. But it was some fun to try out something new and in the end I did have a workout judged by my severe need of a shower when I got home.

(If you have trouble reading the “Stats” on the card)
Hits: Took A Few to the Head
Saves: Only Jesus Saves
Spits: Pretty Well
Bats: Poorly
Throws: Worse
Runs: No, Just Trundles
Doubles/Triples: Portion Sizes
Pinch Hitter: Why pinch the hitters?

Feel free to click on the image to enlarge copy an print it. Fold it in half vertically and have your very own collectible and amazing, “The Batman” Alan, Baseball card!

At Foolsfitness we are not “Out” of the game yet!


  1. "Portion sizes" - funny stuff.

    I have never liked softball. The ball seems too big to easily catch and too soft to feel like you can hit it hard. But I think it is cool that you put yourself out there and tried it.

    How's your green bike coming along? I am not a wrencher, but I am thinking about following your lead and getting a vintage bike as well for fun.

  2. hahaha! Love the basebal card pic. You look very dapper with that pose--and you're obviously shrinking! Great work! :D Deb

  3. I had to change to girls Softball when I got too old to play baseball with the boys back in the day. You're right, the ball is NOT soft....and for me, being a 5ft tall person with tiny hands--WAYYYY too big to throw!!
    I liked the post though, and your baseball card, and the fact that youre really putting yourself out there and being active!!!

  4. Loved the baseball card... collectible, no less. :-D
    Now all the other players will want their very own personal baseball card!

  5. lol alan, I loathe baseball. I don't even like to watch it so kudos to you for playing it.
    love the baseball card.


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