Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Do it for the Pixy Mouse

I’ve been reading a few blogs and some folks seem to be down… not the down that’s good but the down that might be up. Wow that was kind of existential. So here is just a little artwork I did to hopefully make you smile, or just say awe.

The mouse started out as a “white mouse from Mouse Hunt on face book. I’ve not been doing very many art jobs and got stuck at home with a sinus infection, so I figured I’d do my guru techno magic wizardry on the computer and make the mouse my own. Just because it’s there, or just because I can… or some other existentially sounding reason. Actually to keep my skills sharp while I sit on my hands waiting for the government to make a choice to give me a grant or not to pursue flash animation cartoon shorts.

But I digress, as I said some people seem to be writing blogs where they are struggling, so the pixy mouse feels your pain.

After all random flying animals are the fools fitness way. -Alan


  1. Thanks Pixy Mouse. Good lookin' out.

  2. Everyone should have a pixy mouse! Thanks Alan. Hoping you get your grant! Blessings--Bonnie

  3. I did say "Awwwwwe" to little pixy mouse. I hope you get your grant too.

  4. All hail pixy mouse :D he cheered me up!

    good luck with the government grant, mister!

  5. He is very cheery!

    Good luck with the grant stuff.


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