Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kick the Ball Charlie Brown!

One of the hills going out of town has mocked my bicycle riding skills forever. It’s reasonably steep but fairly long as well. I always run out of steam about half way up the hill. Yet like Charlie Brown wanting to kick that football, futile attempt after futile attempt each time I get another pedal stroke higher up the hill before giving out.

Yesterday was different. I decided to ride up the hill to the top to rent a dvd movie and as always tried to find the balance between getting enough run on the hill, yet not exhausting myself. Three quarters up the hill I had to stop pedaling but in a few gasps of air I still had a bit of momentum… a bit shocked I figured why stop there and put my head down as my heart was threatening to pound out of my chest I pushed on. ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP! I was really too tired to celebrate at the finish.

When I made it back home I needed a nap! (And a major shower!) Forgive the "recycled" art I did from one of my other postings but I'm really still tired a day later. I seriously red lined.

Gee, I only have like two more hills in the whole town that I can’t make it up! Those however I don’t think many people can. But you never know. Keep trying to kick the football Charlie Brown, someday it might just work!

At Foolsfitness We officially race bicycles… to the corner store for sodas and candy bars!- Alan


  1. love this. I used to ride my bike 25 miles for a chicken fajita from burger king back when they had them...burned many more calories than I consumed. lol. Those were the days....I used to ride up a hill called firetower hill on the way back...it was a three mile incline. It was deadly. The first time I made it to the top of that sucker I cried...and coasted the mile and a half down the other side. Victory! lol Congratulations. One down, two to go.

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  3. Hey there! How have you been doing in the past month?


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