Sunday, July 3, 2011

Laconia Motorcycle Week Pictures + MORE (Part II)

Happy 4th! As promised some more pictures from Laconia Motorcycle Week are below. As we celebrate July 4th (Independence Day in the U.S.A.) I’ve been thinking about the freedom from about 45 pounds of fat I am experiencing. It’s all about freedom. It’s called “weight” for a reason. All that extra baggage weighs you down and you just can’t experience some things at certain weights. I think about this new freedom of zipping up a flight of steps, bending over tying my shoes without being completely dizzy, and *YES* riding my bicycles!!! I wonder what the next 45 pounds off will let me do?

Several people have pointed out my evolving love affair with the bicycle. It’s a new freedom, I remember that first time going up one of the steeper hills in my town and having to stop. I couldn’t even keep up with a lady pushing a stroller up the hill… I’ve got a long way to go but I’ve already traded in my double chin for sort of a turkey gobbler neck! Finding bones here and there that are starting to emerge from under all the excess…

Yesterday I did something daring. I joined the circus! Well, not exactly… but in my next post I hope to share and incredible experience of the emerging freedom to be able to do things I just couldn’t plain do 50 pounds heavier. It ends with a real live tiger, (yes I’m serious) that I will tell next time but let me start with this…

Anyone who is big knows the horror of seeing one of those plastic lawn chairs. I’ve even broke one in the past. But not yesterday. I wanted that seat and a little nervous I sat… and… it held. Wait till next time to hear about the real live tiger! Oh, and also my obsession with bicycles that continues!

Yes, at Fools Fitness we bought *another* bicycle! (One was traded as a swap and one was given away to a person in need… now the “fleet” is at 4, that’s two functional and two very close to functional!) Details next post!!!

But now on to those promised pictures of motorcycle week...enjoy! Happy 4th of July to all!!!- Alan
Don't you love it?! I want an M+M motorcycle. Some folks get so creative and the motorcycles are real art
It's hard to really show how many people are in the area... But's it's really elbow to elbow in places. They have rows of motorcycles on both sides of the street and two rows of them right down the middle of the road, (the road is closed to cars in places)
Amazing airbrush paint work on many of them the murals are just incredible!
Again, Happy 4th to everyone!- Alan


  1. Yikes, that is one scary clown bike!! But I love the M&M design. You'll have to do some creative painting one of your bikes!!

  2. Thanks for the props on this paint job!!

    visit to see more views.


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